Where is China's largest scarf wholesale market?

Where is the biggest scarf wholesale market in China? If you know, tell me if you know

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  1. Yiwu, Zhejiang, is obliged to be the largest small commodity distribution center in the country

    is a city built in the market. China ’s small commodity city is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 1982. It currently has an operating area of ​​more than 4.7 million square meters, 70,000 business positions, more than 210,000 employees, more than 210,000 Japanese passenger traffic, and operating 16 major categories. , 4202 types, 33,217 fine classes, 1.7 million items. It is the international circulation, information, and display center of small commodities. It is called "the world's largest small commodity wholesale market" by authoritative agencies such as the United Nations, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley. The turnover of small commodity cities in China was 68.3023.5 billion yuan, for two consecutive years, to the national professional market "top chairs". After the five -way site and ten times, Yiwu has formed a small commodity city as the core. 11 professional markets (Yiwu Farmers City, the furniture market, wood market, Yiwu Decoration City, Material Market, Communication Market, Home Appliance Market, Auto City , Second -hand car trading market, real estate trading market, publication trading center), 14 professional street support, transportation, property rights, labor and other factors such as factoring market systems.

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