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  1. Asset evaluation procedures generally include the following steps:
    1, clarify the basic matters of the asset evaluation business;
    2, signing the asset evaluation business agreed book;
    3, formation of asset evaluation plan;
    4, asset exploration;
    5, collection and analysis of asset evaluation data;
    6, evaluation estimation;
    7, formation and submission of asset evaluation reports;
    8, work file archive. The professional direction of asset evaluation is corporate value evaluation, intangible asset evaluation, mining rights evaluation, real estate assessment, and jewelry evaluation.
    The "Asset Evaluation Law of the People's Republic of China"
    Article 23
    The tribute to a contract with the evaluation agency shall make a contract with the evaluation agency, which agrees that the rights and obligations of both parties should be agreed.
    The client shall pay in accordance with the contract agreed by the contract.
    The client should be responsible for the authenticity, integrity and legitimacy of the ownership, financial accounting information and other information it provided. Article 25
    Evaluate professionals shall conduct on -site investigations on the evaluation objects based on the specific situation of the evaluation business. Certificate of collecting rights, financial accounting information and other information, and verifying, analysis and finishing are used as the basis for evaluation.

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