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    Girls with square faces are suitable for earrings that are directly designed by curved design that are directly in the horizontal. , Single petals, etc., so that their Liying into a two -place shining jewelry beside the cheeks. In order to avoid repeating face shapes, people with square faces should not wear square earrings, or triangles, pentagram and other edges and sharp -shaped earrings.
    MM of this face shape should choose slippery decorations, such as water droplets, elliptical, or long curved necklaces, which can relax the angle of the face. You can choose a softer material in the material, which can be soft and too masculine. The necklace should be good at clavicle, and can also use right and wrong. For people with short necks, the necklace length is selected below the collarbone, and the position below the chest will be ugly. In order to avoid repeated face shapes, do not wear edges and corners such as square, triangle, or pentagram
    girls with long faces can wear earrings such as round, square fan -shaped horizontal design, and their round square arc is beautiful. The characteristics of the characteristics can be cleverly increased to your face width and the length of the face; people with long faces are more suitable for wearing earrings with "round effects", like traditional pearls and gem earrings, tightly buckle on the ears and emitting them. Personal unique charm.
    The girl with a "lower edge smaller than the upper edge" earrings in the shape of the face and lower face shape should be used to achieve the effect of balanced the width of the lower jaw and creating a soft face line. If you wear earrings with pendants, please pay special attention to the length of the pendant. It is best to avoid ending at the jaw for a long or short, because where the length of the pendant is over, it is just the focus of people's eyes. In addition, earrings with obvious angles, such as triangles and hexagonal shapes, should be avoided.
    The visual effect of round egg face to shape the face length of the face length and decrease in width. Girls with round egg face should choose earrings and pendants such as rectangular whip, water droplets, etc. The plump face lines are soft and rigid, adding a little bit of great breath.
    MM with round faces should not wear a sticker, or the chain is too thick and too complicated, such as collar or thick necklaces composed of round beads, which will give people a very tight feeling. At the same time, a round and fan -shaped necklace should be avoided, which will look more round. In order to shape the visual effects of the length of the face and the decrease in width, the MM of the round face should choose a long necklace, and the V -shaped effect decoration of the long necklace is used to lengthen the face lines. The best length is beside the clavicle to the chest. The length of the necklace is at least 16 inches/53 cm (individual necklace length), which can make your neck lines more beautiful. If you want the face to increase and narrower the effect, you must choose a rectangular or droplet -shaped, which can make the plump face lines soft and rigid. At the same time, the extension of the pendant will make the sight move downward, bringing the feeling of depth and longness to the neck, and showing the purity and elegance of MM's docile.
    MM with an oval face is worn on the jewelry. It can be matched with various styles. Similarly, the necklaces of various styles are also suitable for people with oval faces. And if it is a long ovate face, you can consider using short necklaces to harmonize. Although the elliptical face is very good with jewelry, it is easy to give people a good wife. It is very gentle but not fashionable enough, so don't choose too mature necklaces or earrings, such as small diamond necklaces, there will be an old style of old school. style.
    This seedlings are relatively sharp. It is suitable for earrings that are wearing "lower edges greater than the upper edge", such as water droplets, gourd shapes, and the angle that is not very sharp triangle. The weight of the face makes the face line look more straightforward.
    MM with a face shape is very suitable for a necklace that can produce "round consequences", especially the round shape, which can be worn, especially the "round effect". The weight of the face of the face makes the face line look more round and full. The horizontal striped chain can balance the sharp chin, making the face lines look softer and round. Avoid wearing jewelry with obviously obvious angles, such as a triangle, hexagonal pearl necklace, etc.
    The people with such faces are the most suitable earrings. The shape of the upper edge, such as water droplets, chestnut shapes, etc. Instead, we should avoid wearing pendants such as diamonds, heart -shaped, and inverted triangles.
    The most suitable MM of the diamond face is the simple but dazzling jewelry, such as a long single -diamond necklace. Because the cheekbones are too high, if you wear too complicated goods, it will look very messy. Therefore, you can choose the precious metal jewelry with good quality, decorate some shiny drills, set off all the temperament. Being able to grasp one -long and one short criterion, wedding diamonds, such as earrings long, necklasses pendants are small, vice versa. It is relatively SAY NO for large jewelry, not well matched, and it has a very heavy wind and dust. It is also necessary to prevent the shape of the shape of the diamond -shaped, heart -shaped, inverted triangle, etc., the price of one carat diamond, the area of ​​the famous hall should not be large, and the chain should not be long. Wearing round and horizontal design jewelry, prices of nude diamonds, and exquisite arcs, they can wonderly increase face lines. In addition, long -faced people are more suitable to wear necklaces with "round effects". The length of the necklace avoids more than 16 inches/53 cm, and it is the best interval between the collarbone. The two -layer and three -layer necklace is also more suitable for people with long faces

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