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  1. Hangzhou Zhejiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) registered in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Run Building 907 Room 907.
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Hangzhou Zhejiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. is that Pan Chuan, a corporate legal person, is currently in a state of opening.
    The operating scope of Hangzhou Zhejiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. is: wholesale, retail: jewelry, gold products, silver jewelry, arts and crafts, daily department stores, hardware and electricity; service: investment management, economic information consultation (except Securities, futures), marketing planning, arts and crafts design; other legal projects that do not need to be approved for approval. In Zhejiang Province, the total registered capital of the company with similar operating scope was 791.089 million yuan, and the main capital was concentrated in enterprises with a scale of 10 million and 50 million or more, with a total of 3,248. Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is average.
    In Baidu Enterprise Credit View Hangzhou Zhejiang Jewelry Co., Ltd. More information and information.

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