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  1. Take a look at what you send

    2. Letter -I miss you.

    3. Flower -I want to put my name on your heart.

    4. Book -I believe you are smart.

    5. Gum Gum -I hope to have a long time to deal with you.

    6. Cigarette -I hate you.

    7. Ben -I hope to see your naive love.

    8. Ring -You always belong to me.

    9. Umbrella -I will protect you in any case.

    10. Hair -hope your success.

    11. Mirror -Don't forget me.

    12. Necklace -I want you to be by my side.

    13. Chocolate -I love you.

    14. Fighting -you are mine, your relationship with him is touched.

    15. Ball Ball Pen -I am half of my heart.

    16. Key Decoration -I hope your luck.

    17. Album -treasure our love in my heart.

    18. Pen -treasure our love in my heart.

    19. Touching Doll -I hope you are more real.

    20. Jiwu -I want to be a friend with you.

    21. Gloves -I hope you are true.

    22. Handkerchief -I wait to break up and meet again.

    23. Pajamas -I give you me all.

    24. Diary-I hope to treasure the memories of the two of us

    25. Wallet-It means you are willing to accompany him forever

    26. Belt n
    27. Shaver-what means that he is an excellent mature man in your heart

    28. Album-Always treasure you and my memories
    n29. Thousands of paper. Crane: I hope I have a beautiful ending with your love.

    30. Send watch, which means that you and him have the feelings of having a second minute

    31. It means that you stuck him to keep him forever without leaving

    to send girlfriends:

    1. Ring, representing you to your heart, willing to be precept for your love

    2. Necklace, which means that you are tightly locked, hoping that you are the only one in your heart, without other opposite sex

    3. Bracelet, which means that you want to circulate you in addition to you In addition, he also implies that he only loves you

    4. The bracelet means that you want to tie you for a lifetime

    5. The next life can also be together

    The red rose represents enthusiastic true love;
    yellow roses represent treasure blessings and jealousy;
    Rose represents purity and innocence;
    black roses represent gentleness and sincerity;
    orange -red roses friendship and youthful beauty;
    blue roses represent goodness and kindness.

    roses -seeking love full -star -love pity
    lily -100 -year -old sunflower -love
    合 —— —— ——
    Red Bean -Dendrobium Dendrobium -willful beauty
    Red chrysanthemum -I love the purple clove -shy
    White cloves -read my tulip -love fable n willow branches -attachment Purple Orland -Eternal Beauty
    Persian chrysanthemum -Alternative Forever Margaret -Lover Love

    The meaning of chocolate:

    fruit kernel chocolate ——The people
    Wine chocolate -drunk with you
    milk fragrance chocolate -my honey
    1. Watch r See you every day, see it all the time, see it in seconds in seconds, and accompany you in seconds in seconds,
    is the other form is an hour. To get along with time,
    time is also what you need, time to see if you are in love

    2. Then
    Then it means ... break up.
    It the meaning of missing and missing the wind chimes.
    But it is best not to give people a wind chime casually.
    has not made good significance,
    The you can buy it for yourself
    This hanging in a ventilated room has a kind of melancholy happiness

    3. The lighter
    The lighter represents the fire, and the fire represents passion
    represents secret love

    4. Scarf

    1. Trigger him/her
    2. Care
    3. It is a kind of warmth, delicate, generous way of showing love

    5. Cup
    n6. Gloves
    Out of her palm

    7. Comb
    ---- is a kind of heart!
    1. Comb represents acacia, which means that the other party misses and misses you! 2. Comb every day Both sorting out hair also represents its closeness to you, and represents the old and old! 3. Combs also represents love. In ancient times, it generally meaningful to do love! 4. Comb also represents health and happiness! Sweeping the troubles and passing by passing through the trouble! Open the heart knot, and combing your hair will give people a spirit and bring people confidence!

    8. Give gifts to the opposite sex:

    1. Send men perfume to indicate that you are in her There is taste in her mind, and she is longing for further contact with you.
    2. Sending money clip, the key to the small thing of a small thing should be a love expression between couples. I hope to accompany you from time to time, let you think of her at all times.
    3. Sending a shaver means you are an excellent mature man in her heart.
    4. Sending clothes (panties and socks) are more ambiguous. This is a kind of intimate flirting, similar to the animal circle leading territory, indicating that you are her.
    5. Give you a special gift (basketball, anime model, book), which means she has a good opinion of you and also hopes to win your favor.
    6. Give you sweaters, jeans, and sneakers, indicating that she really loves you, and she has started to cook your life for your mother!
    In lighter: first love, love
    Sugar: I like you
    Maku gum: I want to share lingering love with you
    Chocolate: I want to share sweet love with you
    dolls dolls : Hug me
    Ring: You are my
    flowers: I want to be with you
    Mirror: I want your heart
    Tie clip: I want to love you r
    n pillow: I want to spend the night with you
    Pajima: Pay everything
    Kiss: Fall in love with you
    Wallets: more important to me than money
    paper paper Crane:
    belt of our love between us will be realized: Don't leave me
    Watch: Don't be late at dating
    Hats: Always love you
    Head scarf: forever love You
    Pigeon: 521 I love you
    Towels: Forever remembering me
    Diary books: Please be part of my life
    你 你: You can’t run away
    : I wish you success
    Key chain: I wish you luck
    Paper stars: 365 days blessings

    bad meaning: meaning:
    Motorcycles: You can die soon
    Smoking: I really hate you, it ’s hard to penetrate you
    Tie tie: I really want to kill you
    Rubber: You really hate it, I want to use rubber Put off you ~~! Break up, parting:
    Cutting: Let's break up
    Socks: Want to keep a distance from you
    Bandling: Let's leave it
    albums: please save the memories between us r r r r r
    This pen water: Don't erase the memories between us
    It pictures: want to treasure our memories forever:
    Books: Give you a little time, think about
    Toy: Hope you Can be more realistic for me
    Wooden comb: please clean up
    Cosmetics: You are beautiful
    roundad pen: Hello
    wax: The commemorative meaning of love crystal commemorative meaning:
    The significance of crystals of different colors:
    The colorless crystal: representing purity, selflessness, can enhance people's aura, driven out thoughts
    purple crystals: representing romance, marriage, noble color n Yellow Crystal: Represents Wealth, Fortune
    Camellia Crystal: Represents stable, Antai
    Green crystal: represents justice, development
    Green ghost crystal Crystal: Represents cleanliness, for spiritual practice
    The red ghost crystal: representing the developed cause, prosperity of wealth
    Mask crystals: Beauty, Supreme
    Red hair crystal: warm, lively
    yellow hair crystal: Red Fire, Xingwang
    Black hair crystals: partial wealth, solution
    green hair crystals: happiness, good luck
    silver hair crystal: material prosper Ji Avoid Fierce
    Water gallbladder crystal: magic, spiritual

    All shopping malls are sold

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