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  1. Guangdong has special gifts such as Duanyu, British Stone, Guangzhou Wood Carving, Dapeng Yunwu Tea, Meizhou Jinyou, Chaoshan Beef Ball, Chicken Cake, Xinhui Chenpi, Jiaoling Ganoderma, Guangzhou Cai Porcelain, and Qingyuan Mahoga.
    is as follows:
    1, Duanyu
    is one of the four famous Chinese crickets in China. It was produced in the early Tang Dynasty (the Duanxi in the eastern suburbs of Zhaoqing, Guangdong), so it is named Duanyu, which has a history of more than 1,300 years.
    Themone is produced in the area area of ​​Beiling Mountain in the north of the north of Zixingyan (from the west to Dinghu Mountain in the west, east to Dinghu Mountain) in Zhaoqing City, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The vermiculite of Zaiyan is the best.
    The end -of -end history has a long history, excellent stone, and exquisite carvings. Duan Yan, 歙 and ,, have always known the reputation of "three major stone famous 砚". The manufacturing terminal is generally passed through stones. Select the four processes of materials, carving, and matching boxes.
    2, British Stone
    is based on its texture, which can be divided into two categories: Yangshi and Yin Stone. Yang Shi is exposed to the ground, long -term weathering, hard texture, green color, thin shape, folded surface wrinkles, crispy buckle, suitable for making rockery and bonsai. The yin stones are deeply buried underground, the weather is insufficient, the texture is loose, the color is green, some have white patterns, the body is leaking, the shape is strong, and the sound of the deduction is suitable for independent scenery.
    3, Meizhou Jinyou
    Meizhou Jinyou, the current administrative area under the jurisdiction of Meizhou City, Guangdong Province (Meijiang District, Meixian District, Xingning City, Dapu County, Fengshun County, Wuhua County, Pingyuan, Pingyuan, Pingyuan County, Jiaoling County) Specialty, China National Geographic Mark Product. Meizhou's golden pomelo is large, beautiful in appearance, with positive fruit shape, gourd shape; peel is yellow, smooth, uniform, clean; the pulp is sweet and refreshing, with honey flavor, crispy and dregs.
    rich in nutrients and high medicinal value, and because of its storage and transportation, under the conditions of natural ventilation, it can be stored for half a year without changing the flavor, so it is also known as "natural cans".
    4, Chaoshan beef ball
    Chaoshan beef balls are one of Chaoshan snacks. The main raw materials are beef and starch. They are also famous snacks in Guangdong. There are two types of pills and beef tendon pills. Among them, the meat of beef balls is more tender, while beef gap pills are added to the beef balls to increase some tender tendons to increase chewy.
    5, chicken cakes
    Chicken cakes are traditional cakes of traditional cakes in Guangzhou, Guangdong, which are Cantonese cuisine and one of the four famous cakes in Guangdong.
    The taste is sweet and crispy. The main materials are flour, peanuts, sesame, walnuts, etc., which was founded in Guangzhou during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of 170 years. It is known that it contains high protein, oil, minerals, and vitamins, which has excellent effects on the growth and development of the human body, enhancing physical fitness, and preventing diseases.

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