1 thought on “What are the types of gold and silver jewelry? Refers to material”

  1. Gold and silver jewelry, if you inlay diamonds, it is best to use 18K gold. It can inlaid the diamond head of various styles
    , and the inlaid group inlaid will not be dangerous. It is suitable for young people to wear. nThe soft time for platinum is easy to sweep. It is easy to be suitable for conservative styles. Do not inlaid
    This Platinum. If the diamond ring inlaid is inlaid for a long time, it is easy to drop the stone.
    18K’s inlaid happy small diamond pendants are more fashionable and young and young.
    The silver can be inlaid with jewelry such as vermiculite, pearls, crystals, etc., which are suitable for students in schools. Caiyin is also like
    This gold is just a kind of element or inlaid inlaid, but there are fewer people now.
    Per other materials include Wujin and titanium steel.
    It hope to help you!

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