1 thought on “The matching principle of the brooch jewelry of the chest flower”

  1. First of all, the use of chest flowers should be coordinated with the overall color of the clothing. Generally, the choice of chest flower color should be used to use comparison methods, that is, "vegetarian and gorgeous" and "荤 荤 素", which must have the decorative effect of "painting the finishing touch", but also not to distract the attention of others and affect the overall effect of the clothing. The clothes are elegant, and the color of the breasts should be bright and eye -catching; the color of the clothes should be light and bright, and the chest flowers should be elegant and chic, not even. Secondly, with the coordination of the face shape, people with round faces should not use a chest flower with a more round or curved, while the person with a long face is just the opposite.
    The application occasions of breast flowers are very particular. In the festive occasions, the chest flowers should be gorgeous. On the contrary, in the funeral occasion, you can only wear white flowers to show mourning.
    In participating in the banquet and attending formal social occasions should choose Peng's larger brooch, festive occasions, the choice of chest flowers should be bright and eye -catching; in solemn social occasions, chest flowers should be elegant and solemn; general occasions, young women Small and exquisite brooch should be selected; elderly women are suitable for wearing a variety of dark styling and fine workmanship.
    Thenicer to pick jewelry, of course, you need to choose the most popular styles to buy accessories. Master the n -popular point of the brooches this season, ensure that you can pick the most fashionable one even if you go to Taobao.
    1. The beautiful and rich "bow"
    is soft and cute in the bow. It is one of the most common elements of many girls in the style of retro court. Pure love has therefore become one of the common shapes in the brooches in this season.
    2, gorgeous "nature"
    The inspiration from nature is still hot in autumn and winter. Insects, flowers, leaves, and birds are all elements of designers. You will see different interpretations in the design.
    3, big love "Peach Heart"
    The heart shape mostly appeared in necklaces and rings in the past, and this season gradually penetrated into the brooch. Whether it is a symbol of pure love between men and women or interpretation of great love, the heart shape can be manifested properly.
    4, crowned "badge"
    badges, in short, it is a sign that is worn on the body to represent identity and career. This species that appeared in the form of brooches is now used by jewelry designers to use it, adding popular elements or cute shapes to create a new jewelry.

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