5 thoughts on “What are the gifts for the Qixi Festival that are suitable for the post -80s girl?”

  1. 1. Skin care products

    The most beautiful girls in this world, a dream of all girls, so many girls want their boyfriend to give themselves a skin care product, so that their skin has more skin. Elasticity becomes tender and smooth, and it can be broken, so that you have always had a beautiful face. Such a gift is given to your girlfriend, presumably your girlfriend is absolutely happy.

    2, bags

    In the usual life, we often see girls when they are okay. Then fast, so among the gifts that the top ten girls are eager to receive, we must choose a fashionable women's bag.

    3, jewelry

    said that "red flowers still need green leaves". The wonderful and exquisite design of the jewelry can allow girls to add their own charm in virtuousness. At the same time, some small "shortcomings" can also be covered by jewelry. This is the most important reason why girls like to wear jewelry.

  2. Jewelry
    It girls' jewelry will never be suspected, of which necklaces and bracelets are more commonly sent gifts. You can choose some elements with special morals, such as heart locks; you can also engrave the names of the two people on the jewelry, and you can also customize the couple's model, heart and romantic.
    . As the saying goes: "bag" cure all diseases, there is no problem that it cannot be solved by a bag ~ The shopping cart that is turned over, you will definitely find a few bags lying in it. If you do n’t hesitate, do n’t hesitate, just pay it directly ~
    The beautiful life
    high -value small night lights, during the daytime decoration of the bedroom, can accompany girls who are afraid of darkness at night Long night, and the night light is still a warm atmosphere blessing tool, both face value and practicality.
    This is also a gift that many girls are difficult to resist. Girls love to take pictures, and they can record your sweet moments with shooting, and then organize it into a photo album full of memories, which is very ritual.

  3. Friends, hello, I think, if you are better, send watches, cards, bracelets, or something. If you are a girlfriend, you can use it yourself, or do you stack 99 thousand paper cranes yourself. Things may look old -fashioned, but it is really useful. Friends, what do you say? Bless you.

  4. Food
    If girls are unwilling to accept gifts, they can also take her a good meal. Of course, you need to go to some romantic places. Generally, hot pot, western food, and pure and elegant room to let girls order food that they love to eat. Generally Girls love to eat hot pot. The location must be selected. It is best to rely on the window and talk while eating. The night scenes outside are gorgeous and beautiful. At this time Talk about some sweet words to make the relationship a step closer.

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