4 thoughts on “What gift should girl birthday?”

  1. 1. Digital products. This kind of gifts are generally good after all, such as music players, tablets, mobile phones, etc., but the price is higher, you can see that you and girls are related to that step. If you are a girlfriend, send this girl Will be very happy; if you are still pursuing, you will add points to success rates.
    2, plush toys, general girls like such things. In the case of lack of funds, you can consider this. You can buy an oversized and give this gift, no matter what stage it is with the girl.
    3, cosmetics, choosing this is also a very good choice. Generally, girls now like to make up. You can buy a set of better sets. Remember not to buy land and fake goods. You must buy it at the counter, because the quality of cosmetics is very important.
    4, flowers, girls do not like flowers. But how to send this flower is learned. You can express it to a girl's school or work in advance. This effect will be very good.
    5, books, if they are special arts or girls who usually like to read books, send a few good books for good books. Reading can make their hearts calm and see a wider world in the book. It is a gift that makes her happy and happy.

  2. 1. Doll: Most girls have a girl's heart. No matter how old, they will like dolls and dolls to send a type of doll that girls like.
    2, decorations: common decorations in life, such as earrings, cards, necklaces, bracelets and other gifts. As long as the style is not old and ugly, girls will accept it.
    3, bags: Girls will never feel that their wardrobe is full of clothes, just as girls never think they have a lot of bags. Not to mention that there are so many bags, you need to choose one suitable for the other party, so that you can use it often.
    4, flowers: Choose a bunch of flowers suitable for the other party. Do not choose tacky roses. You can choose lily, jasmine, these niche flowers. Although the flowers are easy to wither, it can make the other party feel very happy.
    5, cake or biscuits: In this world, food can not be disappointed. Girls can not move when they see food. They can choose the birthday cake that should be viewed, or they can choose a unique biscuit.

  3. 1. Teddy Bear Rose Bouquet

    The moisturizing love is indispensable for flowers. Occasionally a bouquet of roses in daily life can bring freshness to the two A box of cute teddy bear dolls romantic roses combined with the bouquet of roses, cute and romantic, absolutely her heart.

    2, singing and sending blessings

    Then a song at the "Tiangong Wishes" as a gift. The way to sing and send blessings is now more popular. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu to search for it. The practice of this platform is to play a song you specified to sing by calling the other person through calling, and then convey what you want to say to the other party. And Cha Chun will record the entire process and send it to you.

    3, luxury inlaid dilling bracelet

    girls' slender and white hands wearing this diamond bracelet watch ∞ It is particularly beautiful, it is the most beautiful decoration between women's wrists Gifts, wearing more fashionable and elegant tastes, is the little gift that can coax girls the most.

    4, heart -shaped crystal music box

    Mathers hope that their love is pure without any flaws, there is no routine, and they are honest with each other. Crystal is such a gift, pure and romantic, and can also carve patterns and text. The heart -shaped design is also very suitable for girlfriends to give birthdays.

    5, Creative photo pillow customization

    I asked which girl will not need to pillow, hold one to watch TV, hold one to sleep, and even hold one when you are sad. Customize a pillow that prints your couple photos and give her the warmest companionship, so that she can embrace your love at any time.

  4. Girls' birthday to Teddy Bear Puppet, Perfume, Bouquet, Bag, Lipstick.
    It girls generally have no resistance to lovely things. The furry teddy bear doll is a good choice. Plush toys are very soft in their hands, and they look very cute. They can bring girls warm The feeling of healing, when sleeping at night, putting on the pillow and holding it in his arms, you can give girls full of security and good choices for gifts.
    girls like to make them smell them. Like a little fairy, give her a bottle of brand -name perfume on the girl's birthday, which can not only satisfy the girl’s vanity, but also let her also make her The fragrance on her body will be much better, and she can get closer to her relationship and enhance her favorability.

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