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  1. Jewelry has a decorative effect. Some people like to wear jewelry, which can decorate themselves to improve their temperament and make themselves happy. There are also many brands of jewelry. When we buy jewelry, we must choose a regular jewelry shop. Getting Building is a jewelry brand company. So, is it a regular building jewelry, is it reliable to gather building jewelry?
    This building jewelery is regular and the jewelry is reliable.
    First of all, from the perspective of the source of jewelry, most of the diamonds that gathered buildings are from ALGAY pits in Australia. The diamonds produced here are not only highly clarity, but also rich in color. Pink diamonds and pink diamonds are everywhere. Secondly, the Gatling Building Jewelry has established long -term stable cooperative relationships with nearly hundreds of local jewelry institutions worldwide, which is beneficial to the long -term development of the gathered building jewelry. Their understanding of fashion will launch new products every year to make consumers shine.
    Nowadays, Guizhi Tower Jewelry is an operation of a diamond dealer. Its main business is the popularization of diamond culture and adjusting the price and quality of a diamond market. If consumers prefer diamonds, it is obviously more professional and richer in gathered jewelry. And in terms of product quality, it is very reliable to gather building jewelry.
    The golden purity and color of the gathered building are still good. In addition, when buying gold jewelry, you must learn the identification of the true and false of yellow jewelry.
    1. Seeing color
    The different luster and color of gold can be generally distinguished from pure gold, K gold, real gold, and fake gold. That is, the gold is red (yellow -red), and the color is more than 95%; the positive yellow color is about 80%; the blue and yellow color is about 70%; the yellow color is slightly gray and the color is about 50%. Therefore, there are "seven greens, eight yellow, yellow nine five red, yellow leucorrhea ash". For long -term gold jewelry, there will be a saying that copper turns green, silver becomes black, and the son will never change color. "
    2, weight
    TrE -hand. True gold has a feeling of falling on the hand, while copper or other only feels heavy without falling.

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