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  1. The sofa prototype called the sample master in the sofa.
    The sofa is basically composed of three parts. The epidermis (can be dermis, imitation, fabric ...), sponge layer, wooden frame. After a sofa is designed with its approximate shape, the sample master must make the model, of course, including wooden frames, sponges and jackets.
    Basically, the model making of each sofa is done by a master of the sample. If you think about it, if it is not from the same person's hand, wait for the workers to make the wooden frame, the sponge is cut, the coat is made, After that, if you can't close it perfectly, who is the responsibility
    . As for the CAD version, I have been in the sofa production industry for nearly ten years. The use master is basically done by hand.
    It estimated it is difficult to complete on the computer. After all, the sofa is very different from the clothing, not only the outermost epidermis is very precise (especially the leather sofa, the error is calculated with millimeters), the wooden frame is large), the wooden frame The requirements are also very high. To make a wooden frame that is both stressed and saved, it is definitely indispensable for repeated test calculations.
    temporarily said this, what else do you need to know, leave the next time you will say^_^
    , you can get it? Intersection Intersection

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