Australian travel shopping problem

I heard that the fur products are good to travel to Australia, but the price is also very high. What else is recommended to buy in addition to fur products?

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  1. Australian Shopping Guide
    The Australian specialty products include Australian treasure (Australian specialty gemstones), sheepskin, leather, sheep oil, wine, wine, white wine, animal toys, aboriginal art works, art paintings, etc.

    The variety of hairs and sweaters, different colors, and moderate price. Especially the leather jacket or leather jacket made of sheepskin, soft and comfortable, relaxed and warm. Wool blanket, wool, is also loved by tourists from cold countries.

    Ah treasures produced by Aquir in Western Australia, there are many colors, including yellow and white, brown, green, blue, red, purple. Aquier’s pink gem world is well -known in the world and is expensive.

    The handicrafts in Australia are very developed. Handicrafts mainly include art ceramics, weaving products, glass art, leather products, jewelry, etc. In some crafts stores, there are wooden or metal -made Sydney Opera Houses, kangaroo, bear and cricket models, which are very memorable.

    The Australian indigenous craftsmanship concentrated on the history and culture of indigenous people tens of thousands of years in Australia. These crafts include flying instruments, bark paintings, cloth paintings, wood carvings, wooden blow instruments, etc. These products are easy to buy, but the price is more expensive.

    The specialty
    If you fail to bring back a few souvenirs, your trip to Australia is not perfect. Australian specialty products such as Australian treasure, sheepskin, cowhide, sheep oil, Australian wine, animal toys, aboriginal art works, art paintings, etc., as well as Australian seafood products such as abalone, Australian authentic shark glue pills, the price is lower than that of domestic, and wool The leather items made of wool felt, wool, sheepskin, kangaroo skin, bear toys, cat -eye stones, etc. are also very popular. The following briefly introduces some unique Australian souvenirs.

    The national gem Australian treasure in Australia, beautifully presents every color of the rainbow. In fact, according to the Australian indigenous legends, these brilliant colors were created when the rainbow fell into the earth. Australia produces 95%of Australian treasures around the world, and these charming gems have become Australia’s unique souvenirs. The variety of Australian treasures, the most common is the white or “milk” Ao treasure produced by Coober Pedy, while the more rare is the Lightning Ridge Black Australian Treasure. Visit our famous Australian treasure mining area, or buy Australian treasures in specialty stores everywhere in Australia.

    The main Australian cities and visitor centers have specialty stores. You can buy Australian treasures inlaid in jewelry or scattered Australian treasure. Black Australian treasure is the most precious, followed by pebble Australian treasure, Crystal Aobao and White Australia. Because the colorful Australian treasure has more bright colors, it is more valuable, although a single gem is different.

    The local ingredients
    The local ingredients are produced on the vast land of Australia, such as jungle tomatoes and wild peaches called Quandongs. For thousands of years, the Australian indigenous residents have been used for food and drugs, and now provide various packaging for you to buy. Take a few cans of Kaka (Kaka) plum sauce and jungle tomato sauce, or add mint and foreign fennel to your seasoning rack. Other good food gifts include Byron Bay coffee and cheese at King Island.

    Tho Australia is one of the world’s largest wine exporters in the world. Why not buy some wine from our wine production area when you are visiting here! Most of the brewing areas can reach short -distance driving from major cities. Barossa Valley near Adelaide is famous for setting up liquid wine and Raydaming wine. Near Melbourne, Peninsula and Yarra Valley produced excellent Black Pinotuo, Chardonie and Publishay wine. Choose your favorite long -term acacia or Black Pino wine in the Margaret River in Western Australia, or Hunter Valley, near Sydney, to find Samyong and Laizi wine. Taste the cool climate wine between Canberra, and in Tamar Valley in Tasmania Tamar Valley.

    The diamonds and pearl
    The diamonds produced in the Kimberley region in Western Australia have unparalleled noble and romantic pearls. Buy the South China Sea Pearl in Broome, and the pearl history of this seaside town can be traced back to the period of the indigenous owner. From Kununurra to the vast Argyle Diamond Mine, most of the rare powder diamonds around the world are mined from here. Along the way, feel the precious and eternal scenery of Jin Baili as precious and eternal.

    The sheepskin, wool products
    For souvenirs for wearable body, you can buy some Australian high -quality sheepskin and wool products. With a pair of soft sheepskin boots to resist the cold winter, there are Australian wool socks, scarves, pillows, carpets and warm underwear.

    Due to the influence of warm climate, outdoor lifestyle and multiculturalism, compared to European brands, Australian fashion style is more leisure, chic and interesting. Australian designers have also been known for their dare to break the tradition. In addition to high -end fashion, you can also experience the global street style from the Sydney brand KSUBI, or put on Sass and Bide jeans. These brands are loved by fashion idol characters. Take a closer look at the classic and high-quality inland-style clothing of R.M Williams, or wear a Driza-Bone jacket, Akubra and Bonds vest, carefully matched the image of an Australian shepherd. Australia’s surfing culture has also derived its unique style. Local surfing brands such as RIP CURL, Billabong and Mambo show your love for the beach.

    The shopping tax refund
    The shopping notes

    This, tobacco, alcohol and perfume, etc., be sure to shop in duty -free shops. Duty -free shops for tax and consumption tax. There is another duty -free shop in Australia. The English is “TAX Free”. This kind of store is exempted from consumption tax. Therefore, when shopping, you must recognize the English signboard of the store. Shopping at duty -free shops, you want to show your passport and international flight tickets.

    The tax refund
    The place to go to the airport to go to the airport called TRS. TRS is the abbreviation of Tourist Refund Scheme.
    This tax refund should be paid attention to: 1. You must have air tickets, passports, and small tickets and physical objects purchased. 2. The items must be purchased within 3 months before leaving the country. Third, the items should be purchased in the same store, with a total value of more than $ 300 and hitting a document. Compared to what you buy on Grace Bro, if you have two small tickets, you can ask the merchant to give you together. Fourth, both tourists and students can enjoy tax refund.
    The Australian Customs stopped applying for tax refund 30 minutes before the aircraft took off.

    In Australian tourist route price query:
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  2. ◆ Apocalypse that I can’t help but take over ◆
    The cute animals in Australia or holding them, maybe they have been fed. Consider bringing one home! Velvet toys are made of woolen or kangaroo hair, and the shape is the animal that everyone loves. These souvenirs can make you think of the joyful time of touching Koala (bear) or feeding kangaroo from time to time.

    ◆ delicious gifts ◆
    At the end of the itinerary, you may wish to bring some handmade honey -made honey -made with natural fruits, honey and tea. Maybe you haven’t tasted Vegemite (a jam of bread), but it is a representative of Australia. Australian friends will definitely be happy to send them a can of jam for you.

    ◆ The lively market ◆
    The fresh food market, flower market and handicraft market, are all very popular. The noisy market is a good place to bargain. Here, it is not difficult to find some handmade decorations, furniture, crafts and rare souvenirs. A new generation of shoppers can also find some crystal products and jewelry with blogs. The Zhouwei market has gathered a multicultural cuisine, art, and handicrafts; the performance of street performers brings entertainment and lively atmosphere to the people at the scene.

    ◆ Jewelry jewelry ◆
    Opal (OPAL) is one of Australian specialty products. There are many styles. The rough or cut is carved into various shapes, which should be available. Many people know protein stones, but few people know that the world’s largest diamond minerals are in Australia. The famous pink diamonds and Airi diamonds are located in Kimberley, and there are quite a lot of transaction volume. In addition, Australia is also the world’s largest pearl manufacturing and exporter.

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