As a Dai Autonomous Prefecture, what are the distinctive souvenirs to travel to Xishuangna?

What are the distinctive souvenirs to go to West Shuangna Tourism?

5 thoughts on “As a Dai Autonomous Prefecture, what are the distinctive souvenirs to travel to Xishuangna?”

  1. The beautiful Xishuangbanna has a lot of special souvenirs. Everyone knows that drinking tea often is good for the body. You can buy some Pu'er tea or Qizi cake tea in Xishuangbanna to bring to the family. Pu'er tea is good for people's body. Stomach, remove gastrointestinal garbage, scraping oil and other effects. And tea is more convenient to carry. You can buy some home and give it to your family, especially for the elders. It is a very good souvenir.
    The handmade product black pottery is also a characteristic of Xishuangbanna. You can buy some black pottery tea sets. Drinking tea can retain the original fragrance of tea and make the taste of tea better. There are many crafts in black pottery. You can buy some small black pottery decorations and take home. It is beautiful to place home.

    It, you can also buy some characteristic national costumes, handicrafts and silver jewelry with local characteristics. The traditional clothing of the Dai people is good -looking, simple and generous, especially women's clothing can highlight the figure. You can buy something to take home. Handicrafts are like hand -woven bags. They are beautiful and practical. There are all kinds of styles. You can buy some coin pursees and take them back to give people a good use. The most worth buying is the characteristic silver jewelry. When you go to Xishuangbanna to play, you often see the silver jewelry worn by local women, including headwear, jewelry, necklace, etc., which are very beautiful. Silver jewelry is not expensive. You can buy more home. Whether you give it to your family or keep it as a memorial. If you use it yourself, you can wear a silver bracelet or earrings when you use it. More real.

    has many souvenirs in Xishuangbanna. The above are the souvenirs I recommend for everyone. You can choose according to your preferences when you go to play. The personal recommendation is tea and silver jewelry. I hope to help everyone to help everyone. Essence

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