Is the EIA category of powder coating chemical

We generally understand that the coating is liquid, powder coating powder we have seen.​ Powder coating powder is a new coating material with resin as the main component. It is 100% solid powder and does not contain solvent.

It is also a solid powder coating that can replace paint products.

It has the characteristics of no solvent, no pollution, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength.

The coating can only be completed through a construction method of electric spray spraying effect, then what are its coating types? The following small solid for you to explain in detail what powder coating powder and powder coating powder types are!
I. What is powder coating powder?​
Powder coating powder is a solid powder synthetic resin coating composed of solid resin, pigments, fillers and additives.

Different from ordinary solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings, its dispersing medium is not solvent and water, but air.

It has no solvent pollution, 100% film formation, low energy consumption.


Type of powder coating powder

1. Thermosetting type

Thermosetting powder coating powder refers to the thermosetting resin as film forming material, adding the curing agent of cross-linking reaction after heating can form insoluble and non-melting hard coating.

No matter how high the temperature, the coating will not soften like the thermoplastic coating, but can only decompose.

Because the resin used in thermosetting powder coating powder is prepolymer with low degree of polymerization and low molecular weight, so the leveling property of the coating is good, with good decoration, and the prepolymer with low molecular weight can form a network of cross-linked macromolecules after curing, so the coating has good anti-corrosion and mechanical properties.

Therefore, the development of thermosetting powder coating powder is particularly rapid.

(1) epoxy powder coating powder.

Because of its excellent adhesion to metal, corrosion resistance, hardness, flexibility and impact strength, it is the first type of thermosetting powder coating powder used.

The preparation of Epoxy powder coating is composed of Epoxy Resin, Canning Agent, pigment, Filler and other Assistant.

The contribution of these components to the properties of the powder coating is mutually restricted and influenced. A suitable formulation is actually the result of the coordination of various components.

(2) polyester powder coating powder.

Polyester powder coating powder has unique properties compared with other types of powder coating powder.

In the weather resistance, UV resistance optical rotation performance than [2] epoxy resin.

In addition, polyester resin with polar groups, so the powder rate is higher than epoxy resin, baking process is not easy to yellow, high gloss, good leveling, full paint film, light color and other characteristics, so it has a good decorative.

Generally used in refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, instrument enclosures, bicycles, furniture and other fields.

(3) acrylic powder coating.

Acrylic resin powder coating powder has two kinds of thermoplastic and thermosetting.

The biggest advantage of thermosetting acrylic resin powder coating powder is excellent weather resistance, color retention, pollution resistance, strong metal adhesion, excellent coating appearance, suitable for decorative powder coating powder.

2. Type thermoplastic

Thermoplastic powder coating powder appeared in 1950. It melts at spraying temperature and solidifies into film when cooled.

Due to the simple processing and spraying method, the powder coating powder only needs heating melting, leveling, cooling or extraction solidification into film, no complex curing device is needed.

Most of the raw materials used are common polymers on the market, which can meet the performance requirements under most conditions.

But there are also some shortcomings, such as high melting temperature, low coloring level, poor adhesion to the metal surface.

However, the commonly used thermoplastic powder coating powders still show some unique properties, among which polyolefin powder coating powders have excellent solvent resistance; ​polyvinylidene fluoride coating has outstanding weather resistance; ​polyamide has excellent wear resistance; ​polyvinyl chloride has a better price/performance ratio; ​thermoplastic polyester powder coating powder has the advantages of beautiful appearance and high artistry.

These characteristics make thermoplastic powder coating powder occupy a large proportion in the coating market.

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