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  1. First, you can bite with your teeth
    This when you watch TV, you must have seen such a lens, that is, bite the authenticity of gold with your teeth, because the texture of gold is relatively soft. If there is no tooth printing, it must be fake gold.
    . Burning with fire
    It, "real gold is not afraid of fire", that is to say, really gold is not afraid of high temperature. The melting point of gold is more than a thousand degrees. The gold will not change color. If the color change or the melting phenomenon is definitely a fake gold.
    . Listening to the sound
    When the gold is tapped, the real gold will make a sound of "daedy, click", and the fake golden sound will be crispy, generally the sound of "Dangdang".
    . The ceramic scratch test method
    In glazed ceramics. If you use ceramics to draw gold products, if it is a black scratch, it means that the product is not gold, and if it is a golden scratch, it proves that the product is gold.
    5. Magnetic test
    This is a simple test, but it is not a sufficient proof to prove whether it is true gold. You can find a powerful magnet for testing.
    Gold is not a magnetic metal. If the product is attracted by magnets, it is enough to prove that this product is not gold. However, it cannot prove that it is gold because the product does not respond to magnets, because there are many non -magnetic metals.
    Pucting information:
    Thousands of gold wearing:
    1. Although the golden durability is high, if you do n’t know the pity, the surface of the gold jewelry will still produce scratches or pit, especially for your hands The wearing jewelry such as ring, bracelets, etc. are even more so. So remember to remove the gold jewelry before doing strong activities.
    2, meaning chemical supplies. The golden enemy of gold is chlorine. Repeated exposure to chlorine will weaken the internal structure of the gold and eventually lead to rupture. So let gold jewelry away from chlorine -containing washing agents, swimming pools and bathtubs.
    3, the acid contained in the cleaning solution of the home, abrasive and other chemical components will destroy the gloss of the surface of the gold jewelry. Therefore, remember to wear rubber gloves when performing heavy tasks. Of course, it is best to remove them.
    4, the pollution of gold jewelry with sweat, dust, cosmetics such as perfume, etc. can easily lose its original luster, so it should be cleaned regularly. You can use mild soapy water to wash or go to a professional jewelry shop for steam washing. After cleaning and flushing, remember to wipe it with a suede or clean soft cloth to avoid scratches.
    5, legitimate storage and cleaning. When not worn, put them carefully in the jewelry box-outsourcing a soft cloth for better cloth-various accessories are best stored separately to avoid tangles or friction.
    6. Check whether the gold jewelry has cracks or damage at any time, especially the buckle-loose and safe and reliable; inlaid claws-avoid breaks, bend or loosen to prevent gemstone falling off Or loose, as well as wedding rings, pendants and other long -term wearing suspension jewelry.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Thousands of Gold

  2. One discrimination. Looking at the golden appearance, commonly known as "Qiqing Eight Yellow Nine Five". Pure gold will flash dazzling light under strong light, which is not available by other metals (including copper).

    It two weights. The proportion of gold is large, which weighs about twice the common metals such as copper, silver, lead, and zinc. It may be adulterated by a heavy feeling in the hand. The shape is large and light.

    three % off. The gold jewelry is folded by the hand, which is very soft to high -definition gold; the low purity is not soft. Small gold jewelry can be bent with both hands. The high color is soft and soft, and the folds are wrinkled; those with low colors are rigid, elastic, crispy and easy to break.

    four knocks. Two of the same gold jewelry collided, the high -colored person's voice "Bu Bu", the low -level person's voice "铮 铮", and the gold mixed voice "Dangdang". You can also throw the table or on the ground to distinguish, and the real gold will make a "click" sound, commonly known as dead sound. The low -colored gold jewelry is thrown on the cement floor with rhyme and sharp sound, and a slight jump.

    Gently draw a few times with a big needle or nail, the traces are obviously gold, and the bronze is slightly worse.

    This reminder: Some people use their teeth to bite the test method of tooth printing, without losing one method.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello! I have seen your question here and I am trying to organize the answer. I will answer it later. Please wait a minute ~nHello dear [Smile], the questions you ask. The related answers provided for you are as follows: 1. The first method is to carefully observe the pendant from the two perspectives. You will find that the colors on both sides are different, and the front is dark. The side is bright. 2. The second method is manual weighing. The weight of gold is about twice the metals such as silver and copper. If the shape of the gold pendant is very large, but it is called by hand, it will give people a light feeling, that is, some other metals may be mixed with it. At this time, you need to pay attention.nThousands of gold pendants refer to gold jewelry with a gold content of not less than 999. The mark is thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999. The mark of the gold pendant includes the manufacturer's code, materials and purity, such as: X Gold 990, XAU990, X -foot gold, etc. Among them, letters X are the manufacturer code. When making precious metals with different materials or different purifications, materials and purity should be represented separately. When the pendant cannot be printed due to too thin or too small, it should be attached to the mark containing the mark content. Method of identifying thousands of gold pendants: The higher the purity of the golden jewelry of the golden color, the deeper the color. If there is no gold medal, you can determine the general color according to the following color (based on green gold. The so -called green gold contains only silver ingredients in gold); The pale yellow is 80 ~ 85%, the cyan is 65 ~ 70%, the color is only 50 ~ 60%white light, and the slightly yellow and white are less than 50%. The proportion of gold weight gold is 19.32, which is more important than metal such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminum. The volume of gold is more than 40%heavier than the silver, 1.2 times heavier than copper, and 6.1 times heavier than aluminum. The gold jewelry should have a feeling of sinking in the hand, 18K gold pendant, and fake gold jewelry feels light. This method is not suitable for gold jewelry inlaid. Look at the golden hardness of the gold and the low hardness, the hardness of the hardness, the shallow marks with the nails, the teeth can leave the dental marks, the golden island, the high -quality gold jewelry is lower than the soft color, the more copper, the harder, the bending method, the more bending method, and the bending method. It can also test hardness, pure gold is soft, easy to bend, the lower the purity, the less likely to bend. Gold jewelry analysis: Gold jewelry refers to jewelry made of gold as the main raw material. The chemical symbol of gold is AU, the proportion is 19.32, and the hardness of Moh is 2.5.n1 morenBleak

  4. There are six ways to test the authenticity of gold:

    . Visual inspection
    1. The official logo of the golden gold. Generally, 999 or 990, or 10K, 18K, 22K, 24K. It is not considered lower than 10K, because the content of gold is too low. If you observe with a magnifying glass, you will see more carefully.
    2, ancient gold jewelry will not have obvious official purity logos.
    3, of course, there will be official signs of counterfeit gold jewelry, so further inspections need to be performed.
    4, find obvious discoloration. Check the wear area of ​​the golden surface, which is usually on the edge of the golden products to check the color change there. If the golden color disappears and becomes another color, then this product is just a gold -plated.

    . The bromine chemistry test
    1. Put the golden products in the alcohol solution for a small meeting.
    2. Pour a filter paper sperm solution.
    3. At this time, the filter paper becomes gray -purple.
    4, drop 4 drops of bromo -A reagent to the filter paper, if the filter paper becomes white, then this gold product is real gold.
    The test time takes 20 minutes.

    . Magnetic test
    This is a simple test, but it is not a sufficient proof to prove whether it is true gold. You can find a powerful magnet for testing.
    Gold is not a magnetic metal. If the product is attracted by magnets, it is enough to prove that this product is not gold. However, it cannot prove that it is gold because the product does not respond to magnets, because there are many non -magnetic metals.

    . The density test only has a very small metal density exceeding gold. The density of pure 24k gold is about 19.3 grams/ml, which is much higher than other metals. The density test method is sufficient to prove that the product is gold. The higher the density, the higher the purity of gold. Make sure the product has no additional gems.
    1. If there is no equipment in this area, jewelry shops can usually do density testing.
    2, you can put the golden products in the container full of water, and then test the volume of overflowing water, and then except the weight of the product, which is the density of the golden product. Remember, the ratio of different gold purity has different grams/ml ratio: 14k- 12.9 ~ 14.6 grams/ml 18k gold-15.2 to 15.9 grams/ml 18k platinum-14.7 ~ 16.9 grams/ml 22k-17.7 % to 17.8 grams/ Milliliter.

    . Bite test
    The mininger bite gold to test it. When the Olympic athletes get the gold medal, they will bite the "Gold" medal. How simple this test is.
    1, bite a gently.
    2. Check the bite marks. The deeper the bite marks, the higher the purity of the gold.
    , in fact, this is not recommended for testing, which will damage the teeth. What's more, the lead will be given to the gold, and the lead is softer.

    . The test method of ceramic scratch
    1. Using unlawish ceramics. Without this, you can buy it from a ceramic shop.
    2. Cover the gold products with ceramics. If it is a black scratch, it means that the product is not gold. If it is a gold scratch, it proves that the product is gold.

  5. 黄金的辨别真假有几种方法:rn一.用眼睛辨别真正的黄金标志上会注明黄金的纯度(1-999或者0.1-0.999)或克拉数(10K、14K,、18K、 22K or 24K). Check the phenomenon of fading where the gold ware is easily worn (especially the edges). If the gold device has faded and the fading part shows the color of other metals, then your golden device may only be gold -plated.
    . It will leave a tooth print with the mouth to distinguish the real gold with your mouth. If there is no printing, it is false, and of course, there is not necessarily true.

    . The magnetism of the magnet is absorbed with a magnet. If it can be sucked, it must be fake. Of course, it may not be true.
    . The density calculation algorithm is equipped with some water in a scale with a scales, records its scale and puts the gold down, and remember its scale, so that the density of gold can be calculated. If the density is far from the density of gold, it is false.
    5. Porcelain with porcelain identification method is made. If the traces are golden after the scratch, it is true.
    6. Trip of nitric acid test method on a drop of nitric acid on the golden device and observe the reaction. If the acid is green, then this golden device is either made of ordinary metals or gold plated. If it is golden, it is gold -plated copper.
    The above is the method of distinguishing gold. Of course, there are other methods.

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