5 thoughts on “Which brand of jade is good?”

  1. 1. Yuyuan (Created in 1956, Chinese old name, China's well-known trademark, Jiangsu Province famous brand, selected as a list of national intangible cultural heritage representatives, Yangzhou Jade Factory)

    2, Beiyu-Qinglong (National National Leaders of the jade carving industry, selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list, one of the relatively large jade production bases, Beijing Jade Factory Co., Ltd.)

    3, colorful Yunnan (well -known trademark in China, once won China Famous brand, the leading brand of domestic jewelry industry, top jadeite brand, Kunming Colorful Yunnan Industrial Co., Ltd.)

    4, Yangmei Emerald (domestic large jade jewelry enterprise group, China's larger jadeite processing production base First, selected for the national intangible cultural heritage list, Yangmei Jade Group)

    5, Lao Fengxiang (began in 1848, won the famous Chinese brand, China's well -known trademark, large jewelry company group, ten jade brand, Asian brand top 500, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd.)

    6, Dongfang Jinyu (currently a listed company in the domestic emerald industry, a large domestic emerald raw material supplier, emerald jewelry manufacturer, Dongfang Jinyu Co., Ltd. Company)

    7, Chenghuang (Chinese well -known trademark, jewelry industry well -known brand, large enterprise focusing on jewelry and jade, the leading brand of jade industry, Shanghai City Jewelry Co., Ltd.)
    8 , Kunyu (China Well -known trademark, a famous brand in Qinghai Province, a large enterprise that integrates Kunlun jade mining, processing, and sales, Qinghai Kunyu Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd.)

    9, and Yuyuan (well -known in China (well -known in China Trademarks, Jihe Tianyu Modeling/R

  2. The quality of jade depends on the origin, color, size, craftsmanship, culture and other aspects of its own raw materials, and it is not necessary to connect with the brand. In terms of varieties, Hotan jade and jadeite are high -end jade categories that are currently recognized in the market, with higher prices.

  3. In Kunlun Mountain in Hetian Jade (the ancestor of the "Wan Mountains" in Xinjiang, the four famous jade in China, one of the ancient culture of the oriental civilization,)
    Lantian jade (Shaanxi Lantian jade is commonly known as "vegetable jade", the four famous jade in China, the jade jade, the jade jade, the jade jade , Mo Yu, Caiyu, Han Baiyu, Huang Yu,))

  4. There is no brand, only levels.
    Because jade is not quantified, everyone can do it, but no one can unify the world. The establishment of a brand requires long -term accumulation and a integrity business environment. Jade has its own characteristics, that is, it is not possible to pricing standards. Each one must be specifically determined. It requires higher requirements for the business environment of integrity. The process of establishing a good brand will be longer!
    gold, diamonds, color gems, etc. are quantitative, with identification standards, and the brand effect is obvious.

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