Where to buy diamond rings in Chongqing

Where to buy a diamond ring in Chongqing? Recently, I want to buy a proposal diamond ring to propose to my girlfriend, but I don’t often go shopping. I don’t know where the diamond ring is the best.

2 thoughts on “Where to buy diamond rings in Chongqing”

  1. There is a good month in each store of the diamond ring. It is recommended that you go to the diamond shop of the big brand. Essence Buy a heart of heart. Lady, come on, wish you wishful.

  2. There are many brands that can buy diamond rings in Chongqing, but in fact, it is difficult for others to help you decide where to buy a diamond ring, because the diamond ring brand that everyone likes is different. I will like it, so if you want to buy a diamond ring, it is best to see what brand your girlfriend likes. If you really do n’t know what brand you choose, then you may choose a brand that is more meaningless, just like Darry Ring, which is a man who requires a man to customize with his ID card, and you can customize only one in your life and give it to the most to the most The person who loves has the romantic meaning of “the only true love for a lifetime”. The ring that represents the promise of men’s life is what many girls like and are eager to get it. I think your girlfriend will receive your diamond ring, and it should be very Happy.

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