1 thought on “What is the customization process of corporate gifts?”

  1. 1. Enterprise customized gifts, first find a professional corporate gift customization company (recommended Dazhi Huili gifts), and propose specific needs of gifts (the price of the budget, when the time, the use occasion, etc.).

    2. Professional corporate gift customization company will recommend product picture materials and suggestions for your reference according to your needs. Or the customer has special requirements such as the shape and pattern they want.

    3. The customer has the intention of cooperation. The Dazhihui Gift will immediately refer to the customer's requirements to design, design products and advertising solutions, negotiate and order details, sign order contracts, and customer payment prepaid.

    4. After the customer confirms the model, it is strictly produced in accordance with the goods period; according to the different order varieties and quantities, the customized corporate gift customization cycle is generally 15 to 60 days. Of course, the specific delivery time is still in the contract with the contract. For the standard

    6. According to the customer's requirements, select the delivery method or the corporate gift customization company, and pay the balance after the product acceptance is qualified; our company conducts after -sales service.

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