5 thoughts on “What gifts are better to send teachers on Teacher’s Day?”

  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. greeting card or postcard: You can write a greeting card or postcard for the teacher yourself, and write what you want to say to the teacher. If you feel that a few short words cannot express your blessing to the teacher, you can also write a letter to the teacher, hundreds of words, thousands of words are okay. 2. Flower: Teacher’s Day is a good choice to send flowers to teachers. However, you do n’t need to send too much, you can also send small potted plants. Small potted plants are cheaper, and it is also very practical for teachers. Teachers can put them on the desk, such as Wenzhu, orchids, gardenia flowers, fortune trees, succulent, etc. , It’s better. 3. Small items that are more practical in life, such as a neck pillow. When the teacher comes to correction of homework, put on the neck pillow and lean behind the chair.

  2. Teacher’s Day is the best to send teachers from teachers or to the teacher’s pen, because flowers represent the students who are grateful to the teacher, and the pen teacher usually uses it and is more practical.

  3. NO.1 Hero Steel Pen Signing Pen Gift Box
    In in the hearts of students, the teacher is the omnipotent hero. This century -old hero pen is given to the hero teacher in the heart. It is a very high -end practical gift to send a pen to the teacher. It is most suitable for high -quality cultural people such as teachers. It is very convenient to prepare for lessons to correct homework.

    Price: ¥ 168.00
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    Price: ¥ 99.00

    The practical and gorgeous pen holder, simple wooden material, whether it is placed there is a simple decorative ornament. It can show both time and storage of various stationery. The most needed for the teacher’s desk is this small and beautiful gift, which gives the teacher a bars.

    Price: ¥ 28.00
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    no.3u disk signature pen cups
    now many teachers have been computer for preparation and office office, use There are more and more places to the U disk. The U disk signature pen cups are three -piece, and they are all practical gifts needed by the teacher. They can also engraved the teacher’s name.

    Price: ¥ 46.00
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    no.4 Baijia Zisha Cup
    Gifts with cultural connotation are also one of the gifts that teachers like, The Zisha Cup, the representative gift of the classical charm, the good tea sets circulating for thousands of years, have been high -end gifts for the first family of Shuxiangmen to give teachers very in line with their professional identity.

    Price: ¥ 198.00
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    no.5 Qingming Shanghe River pen holder
    The relief art with the masterpiece of the Chinese painting Chinese paintings of the Qingming River, giving a magnificent momentum. It is a classical tradition and distinctive Teacher’s Day gift.

    Price: ¥ 66.00
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    no.6 Thanksgiving teacher creative towel box
    If you are grateful to the teacher, you can consider this creative towel gift box. The towel is engraved with the word “the teacher has worked hard”, and it is also equipped with a certificate.

    Price: ¥ 46.00
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    no.7 Creative vacuum insulation cup
    Actually, teachers need a insulation cup, not just to supplement Moisture, a greater function is to moisturize the throat. This high -end vacuum insulation cup, the cup body can customize blessings, engraved what you want to say most, and give the teacher the best practical gift in the most grateful way.

    Price: ¥ 138.00
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    no.8 Thanksgiving teacher gift set
    Thanksgiving teacher said it was so pale and weak, if you can can If you say these words in the form of a gratitude gift, you will look more full of heart. Thanksgiving teacher gift set, the practical gratitude gift for the teacher, the exquisite gift box packaging, get it immediately.

    Price: ¥ 218.00
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    no.9 Multifunctional cervical spine massage pillow
    Any occupation has occupational diseases. The arms are sore. Sending a teacher a cervical vertebral massage device can help the teacher massage the neck and shoulder vertebrae. Very practical health gift.

    Price: ¥ 98.00
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    no.10 Creative simple wooden block alarm clock
    Little alarm clock, wooden material is simple and not simple. The LED display time and temperature, give the teacher and let her get up on time every day. The alarm clock that can charge USB is very practical.

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