1 thought on “Indian jewelry is full of jewelry, from necklaces to headdress, beautiful and luxurious”

  1. May we use this as a window to appreciate the world's jewelry with you.
    I see the text, we are "Window of Jewelry"!

    The people's impression of India is dirty, but when it comes to India's face, many friends will also admit that Indian women are beautiful. Especially those eyes are full of exotic style, they like to decorate themselves with Sari, and they will wear many jewelry on their bodies. Although many friends vomited that the Indian women are beautiful, but those jewelry they wear are really difficult to appreciate. In fact, the real jewelry of India is very beautiful and luxurious, and it can even be said that many friends will have the inherent concept of India.

    Mexing a necklace first. In the impression of many friends, the necklaces worn by Indian women will be made in rows of plastic beads. Although sometimes good -looking, it is absolutely not too luxurious. But in fact, India's necklace is also very luxurious. Like this diamond necklace, it is very simple and straightforward. Diamonds are arranged from small to large. Although there is no special design, it is dazzling enough. This necklace is worn on the neck, and I don't think anyone will feel unhealthy and luxurious enough. My friend said that if she did not tell her that it was Indian jewelry, she would think it was the product of the European nobles. I said that such a necklace must not be worn by ordinary people, so India does not have no aristocratic and jewelry, but we did not know much.

    . This necklace has some cultural style in India. The wide version of the design and flower elements are more common elements in Indian necklaces Essence Diamonds are inlaid into a blossoming shape to connect to the necklace. The pendant is also a more complicated flower echoing the necklace. The bottom green makes the entire necklace bright, faintly have a stray style and charming taste. Perhaps the Indian woman wearing this necklace was also a very noble and beautiful person.

    Is when I saw this jewelry, I thought it was a pendant hanging around the neck. After reading the introduction, I knew it was a forehead. The large and small pearls are wrapped in green and white moon, which has the taste of star arches. However, there is a bobbone flower in the curved moon. This design is very creative and characteristic. It is also very fashionable and beautiful now. Just a joke, my forehead is not worthy of such a beautiful forehead. And I think it is also a very eye -catching jewelry to wear it as a pendant.

    It's jewelry in India, the headscarf accessories are also luxurious and classic. We all know that Indian women usually wear all kinds of headscarves, so they also have a lot of headscarf accessories. Like this blue sapphire accessory in the picture, it is a headscarf accessory. My limited imagination really does not think of any headscarfs to match such accessories. Or, on the other hand, even a ordinary headscarf, with such a luxurious accessories, instantly became extremely tall. Friends jokingly said, will such a headscarf surrounds your head and will have the same work with Dai Crown.

    In addition to wearing headscarms, there is a type of braid jewelry in the jewelry of Indian women. When it comes to braid accessories, many friends may think they are colorful ropes. No, in fact, they also have a lot of beautiful braid accessories. Just like this in the picture, the craftsmanship is complex and exquisite, and the details are more amazing. I can't help but imagine that the Indian girl wearing such a jewelry danced in the sun, it must be shining, looking forward to her posture, and there are thousands of styles. My friend said with a smile and said that the braid accessories suddenly felt that he lacked not only jewelry, but also a thick black hair.

    Id this one is specially picked out at the end. I think a lot of friends can think of which beautiful girl's headwear at first glance. It was the groom's headwear and couldn't help shouting. This is really the groom's headgear. Determine should not be the bride's headgear? Yes, this is the crown hat and headgear worn by the Indian groom. Its color use and various details have very Indian characteristics. When she appreciated with a friend, she couldn't help sighing that she was envious of the groom. It turned out that Indian jewelry was so dazzling and delicate, and she really completely subverted her cognition of India.

    Thenian jewelry of Indian jewelry is not just what I shared, but many of them have never seen it. I just choose some of them to share with my friends. I hope that everyone can appreciate the beauty of these jewelry, and I have a little more understanding of the jewelry culture of other countries. The world is big, and the more jewelery is far more than our imagination. We may not see one thousandth of the jewelry of this thousand worlds throughout our lives. The discovery is also good. That friend thinks how these jewelry in India, which one is the most amazing you?

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