4 thoughts on “In addition to a bunch of surname Zhou, such as Zhou Dasheng, Zhou Shengsheng, and Chow Tai Fook, is there any other famous brand?”

  1. De Beers: The world's largest diamond mining company, selling finished products is also a rough supplier, once monopolized the diamond supply market. The most classic advertising words: "Diamonds are long -term, one forever." (The Diamond is Forever). The "Century Diamond" of 599 grams of diamonds also comes from their ore. DE Beers once insisted on selling only natural diamonds, but under the pressure of the market, artificial diamonds began to manufacture.
    cartier: In the 2018 World Brand 500 rankings, Cartier ranks 110th. French watch and jewelry manufacturer, with the sign of fashion and luxury, is sought after by the royal family and celebrities. Prince of Wales (became Edward VII in 1902), praised Cartier as "the king's jewelry dealer and the king of jewelry dealers", and was awarded in 1904 as the first -class British court supplier permit for British court suppliers. The royal family of various countries also granted it, and Cartier became the jewelry brand used by the royal royal family in various countries. By the time of the statistics, the British royal family has made 27 royal crowns in Cartier. When Princess Kate got married, the crown was borrowed to her Crown Crown that Queen Elizabeth II. I didn't see it on Cartier's Diamond Mine Online. I only know that the big boss is a wealthy businessman in South Africa. The relationship is more complicated to buy and transfer to his own company. Cartier is now VENDôMe Luxury Group at the Remgro Group. Cleef

  2. These brands you mentioned, except for different names and outer packaging

    There is no essential differences
    The Chinese people like cottage
    The latest official data of the Gold Association shows (not announced in 2016), you will find that there are two completely different companies that produce jewelry and selling jewelry in China, except for Mengjin Garden ...
    Is the products of jewelry manufacturing companies go to Intersection
    , where does the products of major jewelry brands come from?

  3. There are also a bunch of Golden Liufu, Liu Guifu, Liufu, and other surnames. I feel that the names of these jewelry brands are almost the same. I thought it was a shop before. However, most of these jewelry brands are Hong Kong brands. Liu Guifu is the mainland brand. It seems that it was 15 years before it was officially renamed and started to enter the national market.

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