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  1. In recent years, many people have embarked on DIY. And it is incredible that some of them are more beautiful than outside merchants. Many stores also fancy this business opportunity, which has caused gimmicks with handmade DIY.

    This products have been promoted by those merchants and the enthusiasts of buyers, and the price has also risen to a certain extent. So how can we make those jewelry like merchants? In fact, it is not difficult, just take a handmade necklace rope. The materials required by handmade necklaces are also very simple. Generally, you need to prepare colorful beads, small plates, metal chains, small beads chains, lobster buckles and other things. Generally, the beads will be fixed on a small metal ring first, and the beads you need in order will be worn in order.

    Thematic necklace rope is woven by the rope. This kind of weaving necklace will be more popular. There are several weaving methods to teach everyone here. At the beginning, choose two ropes you like, wrap one knot, then tighten, fix one rope on another rope, continue to knot in this way, wrap one rope around another in the other On the root rope. Next, put the decorations you need, and leave another rope to allow the pendant to have room for moving.

    This is to tie the remaining ropes and the beginning of the rope, so the handmade necklace rope is completed. Making a necklace rope is so simple. There are many bracelets, ankles. Then the end of the handmade necklace is also important. I am here to teach you a few simple and easy to learn. The first is the simple and rude ending buckle, and the ropes at both ends are tied together. This ending is tied.
    But there is a bad thing about this ending. This ending is not regulatable, so it is not recommended. Another is the flat knot. The benefit of this ending is compared to the dead buckle. The method is to take a section of a rope about 20-30 cm, cross the two ends of the rope, and make a flat knot. When the appropriate length, use a lighter to burn and hold it.

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