2 thoughts on “Happy New Year hand -made simple production”

  1. Tools: Scissors glue Jackie Tape Packing Paper Affords Affords Action


    1. Place the RMB in the middle of the first packaging paper, and the above piece will be parallel to parallel. Fold it down.

    2. Fold the two corners of the upper left and right corners of the packaging paper, fold the left and right to the middle, overlap, and the first layer of packaging is completed.

    3. Fold the wider line on the top of the outside layer on parallel, put the folding inner layer on it, pay attention to the above part of the part.

    4. Fold the part of the extra part in parallel, and then fold the left and right corners on the top.

    5. Then fold the left and right sides like the second step to the middle, stick it with glue, and wrap it in the second layer.

    6. Paste the buttons, and put the collar part with white wrapping paper.

    7. Finally, use hemp rope to circulate, and a red envelope is completed.

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