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  1. Creative jewelry store name Daquan
    The creative jewelry store name Daquan. In addition to clothing, good accessories will also allow others to pay attention to many jewelry shops in order to meet the audience's preferences, and will choose some creative shop names to highlight their own characteristics of their accessories. Essence Let's take a look at the creative jewelry store famous Daquan!
    The creative jewelry shop name Daquan 1 (1) Creative jewelry shop name three words
    Diaoluge has a strong ancient style, which makes people feel gentle and creative. At the same time, it also highlights the jewelry of the jewelry shop with a relatively strong Chinese style, mainly with crystal clear jade.
    The stars are the language of the stars, which is very dreamy and creative. The name of the name of the jewelry shop means that the jewelry is like the language of the stars. It can understand the inner voice of the people and make people feel comfort.
    Feng Wuxuan
    Fengwu generally refers to Feng Qiwu, which can feel the beauty and noble sense from language. As the name of the jewelry shop, it highlights the glory that accessories can bring to people. The name of auspicious and beautiful animal names is very novel as a jewelry shop. It is creative and can attract people's vision.

    (2) Creative jewelry shop name four characters
    The tip of the alley
    The alley is the alley, the homophonic "item", that is, the neck, which is in line with the positioning of the industry, matching The pointed meaning is that the products of the jewelry shop are mainly necklaces and bracelets. The meeting represents the fate of customers and shops, which makes people come here, very romantic and creative.
    rolling the heart
    The word of exquisitely implying the work of the jewelry shop can give people a small and exquisite feeling. The heart decoration not only means that the store is mainly jewelry, but also reflects the store to serve everyone with sincerity. There are two words, creativity and special.
    Supreme still decoration
    Plash reflects the style of the jewelry shop is respectful and noble. The decoration represents the fashionable accessories, which also means to be listed, which means that the jewelry is easy to enter the public's vision, and it is particularly creative in the way of homophonic.
    Qianyu's "decoration" industry
    "Qian" means ever -changing style and diverse, representing the rich products of jewelry shops, and Yu characters describe the beauty of the jewelry shop products to people. The "decorative" boundary is the "world", making the name of the entire jewelry store atmospheric and creative.
    (3) The name of the two -character creative jewelry store
    The homophonic "showing" of the homophonic "showing the quality of the jewelry shop, good view, and allowing customers to show off. At the same time, it also implies that the jewelry can show off the personality of the store, integrates brand value, and is very creative.

    I do
    The English words with two English words with i and do are very eye -catching and creative. The original meaning means that I am willing. The products used here to describe the jewelry shop can make people willingly walk into the shop and in line with the young people's. Positioning.
    It jade was decorated in ancient times. It is also used as the name of the shop. It also represents the jewelry shop. It is a particularly agile and elegant feeling with Yizi, which is very ancient. Here is the anthropomorphicization of jade, full of creativity.
    (4) Creative jewelry shop name Daquan
    D micro -fashion, feather jewelry, flower jewelry world, Anbe Ni
    real decoration you, dream Baya, comfortable hut, Qiaoyufang hand hand
    The fate of beauty, new jewelry, small Niannong jewelry, zero -degree fashion
    Bili poems, love products, Dangdang Towers, Linglong Tower Fairy Tale, God -willdown
    Fruit furnace, Wushifang, Mu Nan doll, oops
    ma houses, bright ornaments, jewelry cutting edges, Ziwei Nini Pavilion Decree in Shunxin, Pavilion
    Themian fate, Ke Mier, pure love impression, romantic full house
    The variety, good products, heart movement nest, Lianjia jewelry啦啦、爱饰精品、印象视角rn 美尚源、叽咕乐、缤芬时光、粗线格子rn 创意饰品店名大全2 淘宝饰品店起名原则rn 1、易读、 The principle of Yi Kee
    The principle of easy to read and easy to remember is the most fundamental demand for store names. Only easy to read and easy to remember can the store name be able to exert its identification and communication functions efficiently. How to make the store's name easy to read and remember? This must be achieved: simple-simple name, simple and bright, easy to communicate with consumers, the shorter the name, the more likely it is, the more likely it is Rich. Chinese names are generally 2 to 4 bytes, and foreign names are generally based on 4 to 7 letters; unique-names should have unique modifications, and to avoid confusion with other store names. A clear impression. Novelty, there is a sense of time or in the trend of the times to create new concepts. It should also be loud and spiritual, with high starting point, impact and strong, giving people a shock.

    . The principle of business attributes
    The shop name should also imply a certain performance and use of the product. The obvious problem is that the more famous the masterpieces describe a certain type of product, the more difficult this work will extend to other products. Therefore, when the owner names the store, do not use the store name too much to imply the types and attributes of the business products, otherwise it will not be conducive to the further development of the enterprise. However, in the women's clothing industry, if the clothing store operates a certain type of women's clothing and is facing a fixed level of customers, it can be named for customers, so that they know that the type of "lady house" of the store is such a successful example. In addition to reflecting the type, the characteristics of clothing stores must be reflected.
    3. Supporting the principle of logo
    The logo refers to the part that can be recognized in the store but cannot be represented by language, such as the red logo of Coca -Cola, the eye -catching yellow "m", the lack of apple -brand cowboy A piece of apple, and Mercedes -Benz's trigeminal ring. When the name of the store can stimulate and maintain the identification function of the store's identification, the overall effect of the store is strengthened.
    4. Inspirational Lenovo Principles
    This refers to the store name to have certain meanings, so that consumers can from medium to pleasant association, rather than negative association, that is, to ask for auspicious name. However, it should be noted that sometimes from one language, it is a Geely name, and it will have a negative significance with another language. If this happens, if you want to enter the market in the area, you must rename it.
    "Jin Lailai" Farong Co., Ltd. Zeng Xianzi Zeng Xianzi once talked about the determination of his brand -name product "Jinli Lai". Mr. Zeng Xianzi said, "To create a brand, you must choose the name first. Jinli Lai was originally called the Golden Lion. One day, I gave two golden lions to a relative to me, and he was full of unhappy face. What about the tie! Gold losses, gold losing, and everything lost. 'The original Hong Kong diaces' 'lion' and 'loses' are similar, and my relative is a person who loves gambling, many people in Hong Kong gambling horses, there are many people in Hong Kong. Obviously taboo 'loses'. I didn't sleep that night, and I racked my brain to change the name of Duo Lion. Finally, Goldlion (Golden Lion) changed to a combination of free translation and transliteration, that is, Gold means gold, lion sound reading, lion sound reading Lilai. This name will be accepted quickly. There are many people in all strata who lead the belt. Poetry
    Meaning: Egypt, as early as the ancient Egyptian period, there were exquisite accessories created by elements such as gold; poetry, metaphoric meaning; Shang, high -end atmosphere, not fashionable; R n Store name: Jueyi
    Meaning: Jue, the abbreviation of ancient nobles, highlighting high -quality jewelry; art, exquisite jewelry to contain the beauty of art; maternal, digging art, which means further discovering art beauty, making more unique and exquisite production Work.
    Store name: Craftsman's Trending Jewelry
    Meaning: Craftsmanship, ingenuity, carefully crafted, praise, good grades out of craftsmanship; .

    The shop name: Star movement
    Meaning: Homocoic characters of heart, see beautiful jewelry, which one will not move?
    shop name: Feig
    meaning: Philippines: Philippines It means expensive and expensive; grid, gentleman's style.
    Shop name: Qimei
    Meaning: Qi, Baoyu; beauty, perfect.
    Shop name: Perizes Gem; Rui, Auspicious; Poetry, Poetic Romance.
    Shop name: Minni
    Meaning: charming and beautiful, one Nuo Qianjin, Normantik. Meaning: Bonnie's beautiful long is eternal. The brand's jewelry itself is rich in styles and styles, and can add glory to the outdoor and inner temperament, add glory to its life.

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