5 thoughts on “What should I do?”

  1. First of all, look at where the part of the gold ring is broken. If it is at the mouth of the ring and the back of the ring is relatively hidden, then take the ring and the broken part to get the gold processing plant to find the processing master welded on the welding of the machining master welded. It's right.
    The position that is lost or broken if the broken part is in front of the ring, this situation is the most troublesome. If you ask him in front of the processing master, what to do if the gold ring is broken, it is estimated that he will shook his head and say, and make another one.
    The hardness of the gold is very low, but it has good toughness and ductility, which generally does not break easily. However, at the mouth of the activity circle of the golden ring, it is likely that it is likely to break. What should I do if the gold ring is broken? Don't worry about it. The broken gold ring will not have heavy losses for the entire jewelry, just welded.
    After knowing what to do after the gold ring is broken, you should also pay attention to the gold jewelry that usually cares about it. After all, it is still the most beautiful gold jewelry.

  2. ① If there is no special process, the thousands of gold is very soft, but it is not easy to break. Your mother's break may be accumulated over time, so it is broken.
    It is related to personal maintenance, and the real non -quality problem can be changed to the mall, but this ring is just recovered when the old material is retracted (assuming that you have no ring, so you can replace the same heavy jewelry, but you need to pay the one. The processing fee of the new jewelry).
    ③ It is difficult to repair it, and it is not very good after repairing it. It also needs to pay. It is better to change the new,
    It is estimated that the weight will be lost for a long time. At that time, there will be 0.1 or even more.

  3. I have heard this well, what is the reason? Is it external force or naturally? However, since some people say it is false, it is reasonable. It is recommended to take an authoritative agency to identify it, make a report, and then go to the mall theory. At that time, others will not help you.

  4. Thousands of gold are soft, but the toughness is very good. Non -professional cutting tools are not easy to break.
    If according to the description, it is likely to be fake gold instead of thousands of gold.

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