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  1. What is the meaning of the ring engraving?
    In the rings engraved with the meaning of the word engraving. Now many people lover wearing a couple ring, and the unique word on the ring can make the relationship between couples well reflected. Let's share the meaning of the ring lettering below, I hope it will be helpful to you.
    What is the meaning of the ring? What is good? 1. The promise of love, surpass time
    1. Our engraved "You are the best moment of my day!" (.). - LINDSAY
    2. Because of acquaintance in Disneyland, his ring is engraved with "my favorite gift" (".). - Brandice
    3. My carving" I love you " (ILoveyou), he carved "Iknow). - Kait
    4. We are engraved" I determine us "(.). - schorolyn n 5. My engagement ring The "IWILL) and the date of engagement are engraved on the top. Our wedding ring is engraved with" I willing "(IDO) and the date of marriage. It is clear. ─Sarah
    7. The rotten stones of Shanghai, the love of the love than the golden; 2. In the name of me, the fingertips of your fingertips
    1. The first letter engraved with each other
    2. Chinese characters engraved with surnames
    3. A word commonly used in the engraved name r r
    4. engraved with each other's nicknames
    5,*love*, (*represents 1, 2 words in the name of you and lover)
    6,*The first letter of Pinyin heart *surname Pinyin's lead letter (*represents yourself or lover)
    7, "husband*name last word"; English abbreviation of Chinese names
    . Special numbers, unforgettable heart
    1. Carved on the birthday of yourself and your lover. What is the meaning of the lettering of the lettering
    The rings are the happiness engraved on the fingertips. It also has the romantic meaning of only one person in a lifetime. One person's commitment, I believe that your lover will be very happy when you receive it.
    If marriage is a romantic thing, marriage is sacred, marriage is the beginning of marriage, the starting point of your happiness, and a wedding ring. It is the perfect token of love, a vow from the heart, and one sentence that wants to say to her (him), which is engraved on the wedding ring, making you unforgettable in your life. Birthday
    In the time of which life, Jinghong met with a glimpse, and loved your devout soul.
    The birthday of lovers is more important than his birthday because there is a birthday, because there is a She has so perfect and mature self, so if you want to engraving on the ring, you might as well choose to engrav the lovers' birthday.
    giving her a perfect surprise. It may be in Yibanxi Water In the gloom of purified, listen to the flowers of the grass.
    looking at those flowers that were kissed by Xia Feng, scattered the dust and cut into a curtain like a dream and rain, deeply The ground was stuck with her name, and the ring engraved with her name was slowly worn on the fingertips.
    If wedding anniversary
    The most beautiful thing is that in the most beautiful flow years, a catastrophe of love.

    It's fate of the geese in the world, how wonderful it is to meet a beautiful flower blooming.
    If wedding anniversary is very important for women. Carving this important day on the ring is the most intimate gift for her.
    In the wedding anniversary, imagine in a touch of the sun, you hug each other, take out a small surprise from his pocket, face her gigmal and surprise, paint a happy thing for your love ending.
    Makes her at every time she touch this diamond ring, and she will start with the beginning of your marriage, tolerate each other, and go further and further on the road of life.
    Special numbers
    This to see the time in a hurry, listening to the end of the story, and the faint friendship in the style of the style. Only the color of your love is still clearly visible, and the feeling of love is still full.
    It is like the never -colored diamond ring, with the color of a long life.
    The special numbers can represent each other's love. Only the mysterious meaning that the two of you know, want to engrave it on the ring, witness your happiness and happiness, and your love permanently with your love permanently Stay in this world.
    In the eyes of the other party, the heart is blue and blue, and the interpretation of sadness and joy in the world is as well as ups and downs, how many dust and the world are desolate, and eventually this small diamond ring is magnificent and tolerant.
    The rings engraved with the meaning of the word engraving 3 1. In a word, it interprets the strong love in the world.
    It is like the love between Edward and lovers who do not love rivers and mountains. A engagement ring bears the promise of the first. Essence
    As long as a word is carved in one sentence, he warms in his heart.
    2. The content of the word engraving of the couple ring is the special date, intimate name and love declaration.
    The special date can be a birthday, the day of acquaintance, the date of marriage, or a more memorable day. As long as you see this row of numbers on the couple ring, you will think of the scene of happiness at that time.
    The intimacy name is to call each other's nickname, let the other party accompany the left and right, feeling each other's heartbeat and breathing.
    This declaration can be a confession of love and love, "I love you", "love you forever", "Zhang love Li" and so on.

    Theuting a couple declaration on a couple ring is more popular, because people are eager to have love like Edward, like a promise on the ring.
    3. Promise needs to be carved, and two people need to adhere to their promises and realize their promises together.
    4. It is also a good choice to choose each other's name or nickname.
    of course, it is best to choose others who do not understand, only the names and nicknames that are not approved by each other.
    of course, you can also choose the name of the husband and the name of his wife, just like Zhang Xueyou's classic old song "Your name My Lord".
    5. Memorial Day
    The commemorative days such as birthday, acquaintance, love day, engagement day, wedding day, etc. Do you think of the vigorous emotions in an important commemorative day?
    It now many people choose the commemorative day's lettering, in addition to Arabic numerals, Roman numerals are also the choice of many young people.

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