5 thoughts on “What high -end gifts are given to high -end villas”

  1. Friends can send some practical things in new homes, such as tobacco and alcohol, home appliances, don't be too expensive, depending on how the relationship between the two people decides.

  2. High -end villas move. It should be affordable by rich people. You depend on what you have to do with gifts with him? If the relationship is average. Just give some money appropriately. If the relationship is good. You have to send things that can be drawn. In fact, people are rich and there is nothing. It's just that you have to express your heart. The most affordable is to send money.

  3. What gifts are good for moving, what gifts do you send for a warm pan, what gift is good for moving to move

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  4. You can send a handmade double -sided embroidery screen or embroidery decorative painting. Non -legacy handmade embroidery, more high -end taste, one Hanmi handmade embroidery can be customized, each of which is unique.
    Ihan handmade double -sided embroidery landscape screen

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