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  1. Construction foundation is one of the forms of various rituals, usually some important buildings, such as buildings, venues, pavilions, pavilions, gardens, monuments, bridges, etc. Essence
    (1) The comprehensive impression of "speed, quality, scale, and strength" of the corporate foundation laysting the foundation laysting a solid foundation has laid a solid foundation for the start and marketing of the project.
    (2) Expand the brand image and industry status, so as to establish and consolidate the good image of the case.
    (3) The foundation and integration of various resources and channels by starting the foundation to create a good social image of developers.
    Customized gold gift
    1. Fortune crafts

    The dragon turtle is a god of evolution of the combination of dragon and turtles, with auspicious feng shui meaning. In addition, the dragon tortoise was a kind of aura in ancient times, implying that the world blocked disaster and reduced harm. It also has the meaning of longevity and auspiciousness. In addition to being too old, the old age and various tangible evil spirits can also be widely promoted to "Zhengcai" Fulu. Can stop disasters and relieve harm. It can be placed in the living room facing the gate, blocking the evil spirits. In addition, the dragon tortoise has the symbol of gathering wealth and longevity. At home, you can be able to make money and bless future generations.
    2. Office ornaments
    Golden gifts
    For the company, the office environment is very important. A good office environment can make employees' work efficiency more efficiently.
    The office environment is created, and exquisite calligraphy and painting are needed to help. What kind of calligraphy and paintings are hung in the office. Be sure to choose the high value, good meaning, positive energy, and inspire people.

    Tayama Hongyun Map is stable at Dashan Bidae
    The picture is beautiful and full of heavy sense. The Mountains of Taishan are sturdy and dangerous. It is surrounded by a single layer of green smoke, with hazy artistic conception, and the beauty of ethereal and pure. Its elegant color and atmospheric handwriting shows the majestic and magnificent except Taishan.
    The office is hung on the Taishan map, which means auspiciousness, and is exciting. The career is as stable as Taishan, and there are nobles support, especially with office occasions.

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