1 thought on “What are the special gifts of Shanghai's characteristic gifts?”

  1. 1. Fragrant beans. In Shanghai, Wuxiang Bean is a unique snack that is unknown and unknown. The first created by the Shanghai City God Temple "Guo Ji Xinglong Wuxiang Bean Shop". Do not taste the old city god temple Wuxiang beans, not to be a big Shanghai! "This is the consistent comment of all Chinese and foreign tourists who go to Chenghuang Temple.

    2. Shanghai silk. Shanghai silk production has a long history, has the characteristics of fine workmanship, a variety of types, and beautiful styles. The real silk flowers with Chinese painting as the content of the pattern have a strong ancient meaning, vivid shape and realistic image. Shanghai silk is breathable, humid, and cool, and the clothing is favored by tourists at home and abroad.

    3. Nanxiang Xiaolongbao. It is the traditional name of Nanxiang Town in the suburbs of Shanghai. Because of its small shape, thin skin is transparent, it is steamed with special small bamboo cages, so it is called "Xiaolongbao". There are also two well -known shops in the city. One is the Nanxiang bun shop in Yuyuan Mall, and the other is the Guyi Garden dim sum shop on the intersection of Yan'an Road in Tibet.

    4. Takahashi muffins. Use fine white powder, cooked lard, cotton sugar, red beans, osmanthus flowers as raw materials, finely processed, sweet and fat, loose and refreshing, it is the four famous points of Takahashi (muffins, loose cakes, crispy, and crispy) one. Specialty of the Gaoqiao Food Factory store at the intersection of Huaihai Middle Road.

    5. Crab shell yellow. Use the crispy and fermented noodles as a blank to make a flat rounded cake with a layer of sesame on the noodles. It is cooked on the wall of the oven, the shape is round, and the color is yellow -like crab shell. The stuffing is onion oil, fresh meat, sugar, bean paste, etc. Shimen all the way Wuyuan Cake House of Weihai intersection is a famous shop that supplies crab shell yellow.

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