4 thoughts on “The leadership villa is renovated. What gift should I give leaders?”

  1. As your leader can live in the villa, and dare to know the information completed by the villa decoration, let your subordinates know, then it can be explained that your leadership should belong to the company's leadership, that is, it belongs to individual enterprises, then In this case, you want to give gifts to the leadership, which must be carefully considered, because the gifts you send are not enough at time, then it seems meaningless. It is necessary to afford a certain pressure in terms of economy. It is possible that your living standards will decrease directly. At the same time Because the value of the gift is far more than your company's income, it is recommended to start with the gift from the decoration of the house. I will be very happy.

    The villa decoration of your leadership is completed. Since you already know this, it is best to allow you to be allowed to go to the villa. Take a few photos of the living room and restaurant after the scene; if the conditions are not allowed to go to the villa scene, you can talk to the effect of the villa decoration through the right opportunity. According to this photo, choose a gift to the building materials market. As long as you use your photos, the people in the market will tell you what style this is, what kind of decoration gift is suitable It can increase the local effect of the decoration, then you can buy it. It is recommended to buy soft decoration jewelry and placement, because it is more convenient to buy in this way, and it can also take out, and the leaders can use it.

    is the most important gift value problem, because it is directly related to all aspects. If your monthly salary does not exceed 5,000 yuan, then it is recommended that you buy a placement ornament on the desktop worth 2,000 yuan; if your monthly salary is 5000-10,000 yuan, then it is recommended that you buy a 3000- 5,000 yuan of wall decoration paintings; if your monthly salary exceeds 10,000 yuan, then it is recommended that you buy a large decoration floor decoration of more than 5,000 yuan. Note that the above gifts must be purchased at the famous decoration mall at that time, because the leadership decoration decoration Villas can be valuable at a glance. Through such gifts, it can first conform to the decoration style of the villa. Putting in the villa will not affect the overall decoration style. It will only increase the aesthetics of the decoration. Secondly, the value of the gift does not have too much economic pressure. It can make it know that you respect the leadership. Such a gift can be said to be in line with your heart that you give gifts, but also in line with the satisfaction of the leader when receiving gifts.

    The last suggestion that there is no need to send the gifts to the leader. It is enough to express your heart. I am very happy and I will understand many of them.

  2. You pave the ground with Zhang Xuan paper. Can't use a brush? It's ok. Take a pot of half a pot of high -quality ink, the taste of poor quality is too strong! Then take off your pants and sit down ... Then sit down on the rice paper. Don't move, just sit down, wash it yourself. Then came back to make a seal in the lower left corner of the Xuanzhong, and called the master to mount it. When sending leaders, it is called "Shoubi Nanshan"

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