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  1. The first appearance of Shen Qiongzhi was sitting in front of the window to write quietly. She was from Changzhou. Her mother was mourned early. After reading the story behind her, it was really surprising: Where is this woman so much knowledge and courage! Only eighteen or nine years old and have not been out of the door. Her source of insight can only be the books of her father. Her father must not teach her, but her insight is obviously greater than her father. In the same thing, her father told the government to lose, and she tried to win. She did not read her stay, and was mistaken by the argument such as "Ning Weiyu is not a whole".
    Ms. Shen Qiongzhi, Victor, Jinggong Gu embroidery, writing a fan and poetry. In the Wangfufang handkerchief alley. Given the signs of "Puling Shen".
    It in the Ming Dynasty (the Qing Dynasty, "The History of Rulin Wai" was written by Ming Dynasty), some women hung up such a sign to solicit business. For example, Chi Hengshan's speech in the book: "What is the place in Nanjing City! The famous people in the Quartet are still countless, and the poems of the women to ask women? This obviously seduce people." For more than half a year in Nanjing, I came here to me, either treating me as a leaning door or a suspect that I am the stolen of the rivers and lakes. Both people are not enough and words. " I looked at her like this: "This woman is a bit strange. If he is a evil goods, he does not have a mood; if he says he is a concubine sent out, he will not have a cheapness. There are many heroes of the heroes. His decoration is so soft, although it feels soft, only a pair of fingers are like hooking, moving, and rushing. At this time, the atmosphere may not have a woman in the car in the red line ... … "They have not figured out her origin, and they are quite appreciated to see her eyes. In fact, people are like a mirror. You can see a person's image, often seeing your own faintness, your inner image. Du Shaoqing in "The History of Rulin Wai" is the author Wu Jingzi, and he sees her in this way: a strange woman.
    The women who have such a strange woman are really their own. Some people have verified that the prototype of Shen Qiongzhi is the Songjiang Zhang Wanyu in Yuan Mei's "Poetry of Suiyuan". Human embroidery seek life. Houshan Yang Lingxingwen Jiang Ningguanti Zhang Wanyu, Jiang Ning Zhixian Yuan Mei cherishes her poems and releases her from wide. Entering the novel, Yuan Mei disappeared, and the trial of Shen Qiongzhi Jiangdu Zhixian County was treacherous and was refuted by her. She was released, one was Du Shaoqing's entrusted human affection, and the other was the help of money — because the salt dealer refused to pay, Jiangdu Zhixian said, "I will not judge to return it to him." The experience of Shen Shen's more than half a year has been difficult and adventurous but Guanghua. As the only "Rulin" woman who appeared in the book in the book, the author expressed her full love for her.
    Speaking of her deceived marriage, her father, Shen Danian, had to take a bit of responsibility. Born and educating like a girl Shen, it is easy to get the embarrassing situation in marriage. Hearted. He felt that this was a chance to pick one in Baili — he thought of his life in the second half of life. When he asked his daughter, "What do you think?" The daughter's silence was actually unwilling, and he asked again and again, Qiong Zhi said only one sentence: "Be the master!" When the daughter grows up When you get married, you are lonely and lonely, so listen to the meaning of his father and find a person who can take care of his father. He is a daughter to be filial, lest his father raising a daughter. As for the gifts from Song Yan Shang, why did she look at this kind of close opposite opposition, and later said to everyone in the public hall: "Although I do n’t do it I also know Wen Mo, how can I go to the wife of a Zhang Er to go to the yellow maid? "She did not complain about the bad father who had done something bad.
    The letter from Song Yan Shang, let Shen Danian send her daughter to Yangzhou to marry. The two fathers and daughters packed the baggage to take a boat to Yangzhou, which made me feel desolate and ominous. When I arrived in Yangzhou, I lived in the inn, and a sedan came to pick it up. There were only two sedan notes. There were only two sedan notes. There were no Sheng Xiao Drum music. Wife is still a concubine. This problem is big, and a scholar like Shen Danian is more important to see -the moment he was confirmed later, he only felt that he turned around and he wanted to fall. At this time, he asked his daughter what was. At the stage of the media, marrying a wife is still a concubine, and there are also many people who are mixed. Like Ximen Qingtuo Mercy said that He Mengyu Tower, Meng asked, "Please ask the lady to go to the family." Room, actually not. At the moment, Shen Qiongzhi said: "To this day, I don't have to be discussed by others, I have my own ideas." She faced the face of mirror, put on the bead crown, and covered her head -the old father stared at him; she was watching; It was a bride, got on the sedan, and went to tears. When he arrived at the Song family, the mother -in -law who was in charge of the child was "the bride Shen is here", which clearly said that he married a concubine. The mother asked Shen Bi Niang to enter from the water alley. Shen Bi Niang walked to the hall to sit on the hall. She asked the master to come out and ask him to take a wedding book!
    The family was startled. He reported it to the master, and the master of the account was so angry: "Our people, saying that they want to marry seven or eight crickets for a year, they are all like this. The words are "naughty", not "noise" or "mixed accounts", with three points of pets. He hid and did not meet, saying "Master is not at home today", and let people send five hundred and two silvers to Shen's father in the inn. Is this the lack of courage, first make a step? Or continue to make the mind, and want to sit in the fact that he has bought a concubine? However, Shen Qiongzhi calmly lived in his garden. What she thought was: I won't appreciate it, and let me recreate here for a few days. It's really a good loss of her, this situation still has a casual idleness. Of course, the salt merchants will not appreciate it. The salt merchants in the Ming Dynasty are like today's coal bosses. When they earn a lot of money, they buy land and build a house. In his home, what did he want to appreciate? Shen Qiongzhi lived for a few days and did not see the news. It was expected that the salt dealer would arrange his father to arrange his father and immediately decide to escape. She was not empty to escape. She put all the jewelry in the room into the burden and put seven skirts on her body — this is called the burden. How can I escape and how can I go far?
    It marrying relatives from beginning to end, Song Yan Shang did not see the bride at a glance, he was uncomfortable. Holding her in the garden, she was thinking that she would not run, and she dared not go to her body, reminiscent of the act of Zhu Bajie for Miss Gao, which was exactly the same. Honestly. "Then Shen Qiongzhi rolled up the things in his house and ran away. He sued the official to help solve it. It can be seen that he did not raise a slave to serve as a city police. If you lose it, you want to chase. Shen Qiongzhi went out of his door and was inconvenient to go home for a while. He decided to go to Nanjing for a while. She would write poetry and embroidered, so she planned to feed herself with her own subject. Others may think that this is whimsical. Many of Nanjing are talented, and someone will come to buy your woman's poem? But what she thinks is the opposite: how many celebrities in Nanjing are there, or it is unknown to encounter some fate?
    The thought of people is really different, so there are thousands of roads. The girl Shen Qiongzhi followed the dangerous road. With a very powerful "I want to live", she surpassed many extraordinary women. Lin Daiyu's poems must be better than her, but they can only cry and die in such a thing. In addition to doing poems, Xue Baozhen is very common. Make her unexpected that women can get out of the girlfriend and write poems and change money; the gold and silver on the road of the road, Wang Xifeng will also be unambiguous, but she is not a grandma when she is out of Jiafu. The sister is hot enough to deal with those small mixed in the market than the girl Shen, and her danger is that she will be killed by her rigidity. Her win is often fighting with her life. A lonely woman, flowing into a dark society, neither a guest died nor declined. She actually embroidered and wrote poetry to earn money, and sang with the celebrities, drove away the gangsters, defeated the cunning. The salt merchant, finally pushed the tolerance of bribery. After work, she also visited the scenery on the Qinhuai River. Such a calm mentality is really a kind of ability and cultivation!
    in Nanjing, such as her previous optimistic expectation, she really met her Du Shaoqing, a celebrity, a hero. Du Shaoqing appreciated her talent, and respectively respect her richness as a mustard. He not only sent her poems and silver, but also wrote a trustworthy person, and asked Nanjing Zhixian County to help her lawsuit. I heard that she would write poems in Nanjing. Ask her to look at it, she immediately made a song, and it was fast and good. This poem has not been detailed. Wu Jingzi does not make a poem for the Tomo woman like Cao Xueqin. In this situation, we seem to have known each other elsewhere. "Bu Tukou":
    is not love wind dust, it seems to be mistaken by the forefront. Sometimes the flowers are blooming, and sometimes Lai Dongjun. If you go, you have to live, how to live! If the mountain flowers are inserted, Mo Wennu returns.
    This is the poem made by the woman, and it is fast and good. The officials moved the official to release her in court. There are people in the calendar in the boudoir! Yuan Mei appreciated Zhang Wanyu and Wu Jingzi appreciated Shen Qiongzhi. Although Yuan and Wu have lived in Jinling for many years without each other, neither of them appeared in the writings of the two.
    The legend of Shen Qiongzhi, the ending may be normal. She returned to Changzhou to reunite with her father. She should marry separately in the future. It is unknown. However, what is the best of Chinese women's champions? The beginning of "The History of Rulin Wai" said that the world gave up his life for his fame, and after he got it, the taste was chewing wax. With the optimistic and strong heart of Shen Qiongzhi, her usual day must also be delicious.
    Sepan Zhizhi was born with Peugeot. From Changzhou to Yangzhou, and then to Nanjing, she still combed her "lower road". The dress in small places did not enter the country as the style of others recognized. Light makeup, natural, she is such an unusual girl.

  2. Wu Jingzi wrote in the book is mostly a group of pseudo -gentlemen who are religious and obsessed with imperial examinations, but because of the poison of feudal imperial examinations and ritual education, they have invaded the boudoir. Therefore The characters, which are quite distinctive, are Shen Qiongzhi, a wonderful woman in "The History of the Foreign History of Confucius". Changzhou talents, good poems, repeated festivals. Because the salt merchants were rich, the father and daughter were persecuted, and they only fell into Jinling, and lived on the sale of poems. After the Temple of the Hall, I am the same as the jinshi.

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    Ar author: Guqiu Fox (from Douban)

    Shen Qiongzhi appeared in the 40th and forty -one times of "Confine History", It is the daughter of Mr. Confucianism. In the novel, the characters described by the author Wu Jingzi, such as Yu Yude, Zhuang Shangzhi, Du Yi, etc., regardless of the deeds, you can see the author's attitude from the name. The term "Qiong Zhi" also pinnacles the author's meaning.

  4. Shen Qiongzhi appeared in the fortieth and forty -one times of "The History of the Ruolin", and was the daughter of Mr. Shen Xiu. In the novel, the characters described by the author Wu Jingzi, such as Yu Yude, Zhuang Shangzhi, Du Yi, etc., regardless of the deeds, you can see the author's attitude from the name. The term "Qiong Zhi" also pinnacles the author's meaning. "Qiong Zhi" has appeared many times in the literary works of the previous dynasties, and its significance can be summarized as follows. The first is the legendary Yushu. "Chu Ci · Li Sao": "I swim in this spring palace, and Qiong Zhi to keep in order." Hong Xingzu made up: "Qiong, the beauty of the jade." Biography "said: there is a bird in the south, the name is Feng; heaven is the heaven; The raw tree, named Qiongzhi. High hundred twenty -twes, thirty sources, with Linlang as the facts. "Yang Shen in the Ming Dynasty" Yilin Fashan · Qiong Zhi Tan ":" Buddhist scriptures: Qiongzhi is jade, 旃 sandalwood film The films are fragrant, and the sages are not ethical than the sages; Tang Wangya's "Looking for the House of House" poem: "Jin Yan Qingguang, Qiong Zhi Rui color."

  5. Qi Provincial Church is sixty times, which adds to Shen Qiongzhi. He went back to Song Weifu and asked God to give birth to his son to support him, writing poems and celebrities ... The language was insignificant ... it was not in line with Wu Jingzi very much. The style, so I later deleted it again ...

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