3 thoughts on “It's Valentine's Day immediately. Want to send gold jewelry to his girlfriend. Is there any recommendation?”

  1. Flowers. Kunming Dounan Flower Market is still roses in direct hair. Although my daughter -in -law is a flower farmer, I still prefer roses with other flowers. Of course, because of my father -in -law and mother -in -law in the past, I entered the flower land. The roses planted were mainly pink snow mountains, and there was a big red. Therefore, I haven't given her flowers. In short, the low price at home is supplying flowers, but I am Buy her at high prices to send her. I don't think it ’s now, because the significance is different, and there are 5 days, and it is too late to place an order now.

    The doll gift
    2. My family is easy to quarrel, her daughter -in -law is more sensitive, and she is easy to quarrel with her mind. Essence Coaxing girlfriend artifacts can be beaten. They can say good words and should be able to have a little effect. Anyway, it is a doll. It should be effective as a gift of flowers.

    The necklace pendant
    3. Necklace pendant. This is mainly because the capital chain cannot keep up. Women should not refuse to refuse the sparkling things. Even if it is said on the surface, it is definitely happy to waste money or something. shop.

    The small gold bars for daughter -in -law
    4. Small gold bar. This was given one before, and the color number depended on the recommendation of the store. The understanding was too shallow. Fortunately, there was no rollover. At that time, I still liked it. But later I chatted with colleagues that they had bought A goods, and this option was relying on the back row.

  2. It's Valentine's Day, do you want to send gold jewelry to your girlfriend? I think it will be on Valentine's Day soon. If you want to give your girlfriend gold jewelry. You can send Zhou Dafu, the old temple gold. Or Syphill's gold is all possible.

  3. You can go to see the brand of FERN Guo Chao Gold. They just launched the 2022 Valentine's Day Limited Series. It is based on the design basis representing the small bell representing happiness and peace. Know that your girlfriend will definitely like it, you can go to FERN's store.

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