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  1. In fact, the difference is not very large, which has a lot to do with the purity of gold. In theory, the purity of metal cannot reach 100%. There will be some impurities, and the same is true for gold. The so -called foot gold refers to the real gold, and the latter 99, 999, 9999, etc. refer to the gold content of the same quality. It is usually used to mark the purity of gold. The more 9, the higher the purity.
    I assume that the gold with high purity is 100%, then 99%of the gold must be lower than the goldenness of 99.9%, and the goldenness of 99.99%must be higher than 99.9%of gold. It is to use "Foot Gold 9999" to mark gold with higher purity. It is said that the current refining technology can allow the purity of gold to a degree of 99.9999%, and the purity of this gold is close to 100%. There are many standards defined in the international definition of gold. The purity is divided into thousands of points, respectively, 275, 585, 750, 990, 999, etc., corresponding to 9K, 14K, 18K, 22K, Foot gold, and thousands of gold. Except for trading purposes, most jewelry is only defined to the level of thousands of gold.
    In addition to it, there is a gold called 24K, and this gold refers to the gold with high purity, almost close to 100%of the high purity gold. Usually what we call 18K gold refers to the gold content in the gold content in About 75%of gold, the remaining 25%are mixed with other metals, like those hard gold and colorful golds in the market, some of which are alloy gold, not high -purity gold, and even the purity of thousands of feet and 22K is the purity of thousands of feet and 22K. Can't reach.
    So, in summary, we can see that the difference between 999 thousand feet gold and 99.99 million feet is the purity. The more 9 represents the higher the purity of gold. Based on modern refining technology, the highest purity of gold can reach the highest purity of gold can reach the highest purity of gold. 99.9999%.

  2. Indicates gold content equal to or more than 99.9%of gold.

    The supplementary expansion:
    1. To buy gold jewelry, we must first recognize the quality inspection logo of gold jewelry. Most of the gold jewelry sold in the market is equipped with inspection signs from quality inspection institutions, which clearly marked the gold content and weight of the jewelry. 999 gold is also called thousands of gold, and the gold content is not less than 999 ‰; 990 gold is called sufficient gold, and the gold content is not less than 990 ‰; the gold content of 22K gold is not less than 916 ‰; the gold content of 18K gold is not less than 750 ‰ ; The gold content of 14K gold is not less than 585 ‰; the gold content of 9K gold is not less than 375 ‰.

    2. Foot gold: gold content is equal to or more than 99%of gold, commonly known as "two nine golds". n Thousands of gold: The gold content is equal to or more than 99.9%of the gold, commonly known as "three -nine gold". It must be full gold, but the gold is not necessarily a thousand foot gold.

    4. On May 4, 2016, the implementation of the "Regulations and Name" approved by the National Standardization Management Committee to regulate the purity of the goldenness. It can only be called "foot gold", and it can no longer be marked with "thousands of gold".

  3. The same is gold, the content of sufficient gold is 99%, 999 is 99.9%of the gold, and 9999 is 99.99%of the 10,000 -foot gold content. This is the difference between different gold calls. Naturally, name and name are different.

  4. There is not much difference, one is 99.9%, one is 99.99%, and the purity difference is less than 0.1%, but the production difficulty of the four 9 9 is more than 0.1%than the three 9. The meaning is deeper

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