2 thoughts on “Can I change the diamond ring ring? Can I change it?”

  1. The possibility of long -term wearing rings is more likely to deform. If it finds that it has changed shape changes, it is recommended that you have to pick up the ring first and do not continue to wear it, because it may cause serious deformation, and it will also be serious. It may cause damage. Next, you can send the changeable ring to the maintenance shop. There are professional equipment there, and in the eyes of the staff, this is just a small problem. With rich experience and skillful skills, you can definitely be able to definitely Let the ring restore the original state, and you can also maintain it by the way. When you get it, you will be the same as the new one.

    what to do if the ring is deformed? Some people may be in order to save money, and they feel that the degree of deformed ring deformation is not serious, so they try to recover and use brute force to change the shape of the ring, but this is likely to cause the ring of the ring to be damaged, so it is so it is If you don't recommend it, you should still give it to professional craftsmen to repair. And usually learn to protect the ring properly to prevent its deformation. The prevention method is actually very simple. For example, before engaging in physical labor or doing exercise, you can pick up the ring in a dedicated jewelry box. Try not to allow the ring to rub and collide with other hard objects, and do not contact chemical preparations.

  2. Can be replaced and cannot be replaced by merchant regulations. Generally, the repair fee is not expensive, tens to hundreds of yuan. Deformation is a small problem.

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