Maintenance of electric lift

In order to make the electric lift work better and extend its service life, it is necessary to do a good cherry picker boom lift in daily use.​

The maintenance work.

The main points to check are as follows:

1, reducer, gearbox, external gear and other parts of the regular addition of lubricating oil

2. Ensure that each wire rope has no broken wire and loose strand phenomenon

3. Check the connection of each part, and tighten it if it is loose.​

4. Ensure that the organization is operating properly and there is no noise.​

5. Ensure that all wires and cables are not damaged.​

6, all parts of the brush contact surface to keep neat, brush contact area is not less than 50%

7. ​Wash the dust on the box, distribution box and electrical equipment

8. The contact opening and closing of the travel switch of each safety device must be reliable.​

b341bb7074d04b3ef97c8f22a3c540f8Do equipment maintenance, but also pay attention to safety, do a great job of safety protection. The main points need to be noted:

1. After the overhaul, check the tools used in the overhaul to prevent the tools from being left inside the equipment, especially in the distribution box.​

2, maintenance of electric lift platform, must be disconnected from the power supply, must test and hang "no power, someone work" sign

3, maintenance process, can not disconnect the electric lift grounding wire, if it is the need of maintenance work, after the completion of the overhaul, must be connected to the grounding wire behind the power supply test

4, before the power test, must count the number of maintenance personnel, to ensure that no one inside the electric lift

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