Autumn scraping is the right time

After entering the autumn equinox, the weather gradually turns cool, and the human body function is in a state of convergence. ​Numerous health practitioners will use scrapping to regulate the body, which is not only conducive to regulating Qi and blood, promoting blood and removing stasis, but also can relax tendons, remove evil and detoxify.

Traditional Chinese medicine experts claimed that although scraping in the folk is extremely "hot", heat stroke, cold, gastrointestinal and digestive diseases may be "scraping", but the correct application of scraping treatment or health care is certain to pay attention to, and not simply scrape.

Misunderstanding a sick person will scrape​

​Numerous people think that scraping is a kind of treatment, only when the body is uncomfortable, heat stroke or cold, think of using it. Nie Bin, a professor in the acupuncture and rehabilitation department of the Second High School Hospital of Guangdong Province, said scraping is not only a treatment, but also a way of health care. Traditional Chinese medicine has the saying "all diseases can be measles".There's gua sha wholesale.

And by scraping, the relevant parts of the bruises, bruising spots or blood like rice, are called "fever", which can be said to be "to evil way out". Therefore, the use of scraping therapy, scraping utensils in the epidermal meridians and points for scraping, on the one hand, the sweat pores open, so that the poison (that is, the virus) can be discharged from the body to achieve the purpose of treatment; ​on the other hand, daily disease-free meridians can also be smoother by scraping, so as to improve the circulation of Qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment and health care.

Nie Bin pointed out that in healthy people, the internal circulation of the body is normal, it is not easy to scrape; ​and subhealthy or already sick people will be scraping after scraping.

Misunderstanding two out of the fever the deeper the color, the better

Whether the scraping is more painful, the darker the color, it means that the "evil is pure"? Nie Bin believed that scraping belongs to a kind of stimulation therapy. If the operation is not proper, such as the location of scraping, the intensity of scraping and the time of scraping, it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of treatment and health care, but also may aggravate the condition or cause additional discomfort. Scraping is not the more painful the more effective, typically out of the measles is slightly red or purple red can be.

Nie Bin also reminded that scraping should first be treated with syndrome differentiation. The relative indications include cold, fever, heat stroke, gastroenteritis, periarthritis of shoulder, neck, shoulder and back pain, and corresponding to different accounts, and some diseases should be combined with medicine treatment, so it is recommended to consult a doctor in the hospital before scraping.

Misunderstanding three measles will damage the skin

After the fever, the skin is red. Many people think that it has damage to the skin. Nie Bin pointed out that the correct scraping technique, which is controlled for about 10-20 minutes, has no damage to the skin, and the depth of the red spot color is normally a reflection of the severity of the disease. ​more serious disease, "Sha" is considerably further, the color is dark; ​if the disease is less severe, the "fever" is less and the color is lighter.

Under normal circumstances, the "congestion" on the skin will gradually fade in 3-5 days, typically not more than 1 week will return to normal. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "scrapping" not only does not damage the skin, but also because of this method to promote blood circulation, strengthen the local blood circulation, will make the skin become more robust than the original.

Mistake four everyone can scrape​

Since scraping can cure diseases and do health care, whether everyone can scrape? In fact, scraping is not suitable for all diseases.

Nie Bin pointed out that people who are too tired, too hungry, too drunk, too thin, especially those who are prone to bleeding (advanced diabetes, severe anemia, leukemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia) should not be scraping.

Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before scraping whether it is suitable for the application of scraping therapy.

Tips: What is the best tool to choose for scraping?
​Broadly speaking, scraping board is recommended to choose natural buffalo horn. This kind of scraping board on the human muscle surface non-toxic stimulation and adverse chemical reactions. And buffalo horn itself is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, has the function of dispersing qi, activating blood and moistening. In addition, in addition to scraping board, but also the application of appropriate lubrication media, such as drain sesame oil, vegetable oil, scallion ginger juice, talc, moisturizer, etc., the purpose is to prevent skin scratch, but also to enhance the efficacy of scraping.

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