What are the benefits of installing a photovoltaic plant

Photovoltaic has gradually in-depth into everyone's life, especially after a period of power limit storm, but also a lot of friends private message me, want to know how to build a household photovoltaic power station? So today the whole network of the most complete construction guide, step by step and we speak clearly! Friends in need, look at me! The first is to share with you, I want to build a household photovoltaic. What should be done in the early preparation work?

In order to make it easier for you to understand, I will be through the way of question and answer. You asked the most questions listed, targeted reply, how not to answer the question you want to ask, welcome to leave a comment area, I again reply oh!

Who should a household call first to install a photovoltaic power plant?

The first step is to consult the local power grid company to understand the precautions before installation. Why is it recommended to consult your local power grid company? Because different regions have different requirements and even restrictions, we can not give a unified standard, so consulting the local power grid company is the most secure! At the same time, you can also communicate with the local photovoltaic equipment dealers to understand the price, way and installation of photovoltaic cables for equipment purchase.

I believe that everyone has been troubled by power rationing recently! Especially our friends in Sichuan and Chongqing, suffering! Although the development of solar photovoltaic power stations has been popularized to thousands of households, many friends still do not understand, what are the benefits of installing photovoltaic power stations? Today I will talk to you, and your impression of different installation benefits!

What are the benefits of installing photovoltaic power stations? First of all, household photovoltaic power stations installed on the roof of the household, can bring a certain insulation effect. Do not underestimate the insulation effect. Now most of the country is close to 40 ℃ high temperature, air conditioning is the indispensable household appliances, even if you don't go out, stay at home is also difficult to endure high temperature, the thermal insulation but photovoltaic power station, can effectively reduce the use frequency of air conditioning in summer, reduce energy consumption, pollution, not only save electricity but also can achieve the result of energy conservation and emissions reduction; ​winter can play the effect of heat preservation, and can be considered as a warm winter and cool summer "sunshine room"!

Secondly, the peak period of photovoltaic power generation in a year is mostly in summer, and the period of power shortage in the country is also mostly in summer. For example, in the current national situation, most regions require factories and enterprises to shut down to meet the residents' electricity consumption., Even so, the residents' electricity consumption is more regulated! From the national electricity situation, the construction of photovoltaic power stations can be a good complement to the summer power gap. At the same time, photovoltaic power generation is carried out in the daytime, while the electricity consumption of social business activities mainly occurs in the daytime, and the photovoltaic power generation is just matched with the demand of electricity consumption. And if you use it on your own, you won't have to worry about brownouts! And photovoltaic wire are easy to buy.

Third, building photovoltaic power stations above the roof will not occupy precious land resources, but also achieve on-site power generation and grid consumption, which is a typical way of distributed energy application actively advocated by the country. More national policies to vigorously support the development of this new green energy industry! If we vigorously develop the photovoltaic industry, not only for national energy saving and can even provide a lot of power support! There is no need for factories to shut down to fill the electricity supply! The best of both worlds, why not?

So we install photovoltaic power station is not only to see, grid connection generated revenue, we want to use a long-term perspective, accept and support the development of photovoltaic power station! Do you think I'm right?

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