Human beings are only 0.7, and in the eyes of the fifth level civilization, the light speed limit will no longer exist

We have been developing survival skills and improving science and technology since our ancestors first learned to use tools and become truly human.

On Earth, human beings have become the most advanced civilization and the most intelligent species. In the short history of 100,000 years, we have never used fire to land on other planets. The tremendous changes that have taken place are obvious to all, and we have greatly improved our spiritual and material life.

Even so, we are not satisfied with the status quo, but more efforts to develop science and technology, the pursuit of more knowledge, but if the history of the earth to the present day is 24 hours, then the ancestors of human beings in the last few minutes, in the last second of the day, human civilization appeared.

So put the history of human beings in the universe to see, actually just a moment, once one day we find another civilization, civilization is likely at the bottom, because although we now energy is trapped in the earth, is unable to be interstellar space, but the ideas will not be bound. If not seen alien civilization, we can still make reasonable guesses about them 39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai.

Human beings are making progress all the time, so will one day find out all the knowledge?

If there were a civilization much older than human beings, what level of technological development could they achieve?

In what form will it exist?

In 1964, Soviet astronomer Nikolai. Kardashev put forward an advanced idea: the hierarchy of civilizations in the universe. Based on the amount of energy a civilization controls, he divided civilizations into three stages, namely type I, type II and type III. To achieve type I civilization, it must be able to use and store all the energy on the planet it lives on.

In the case of the Earth, we need to be able to extract the energy of the core effortlessly and store it in good condition. That is to say, to achieve this level of civilization, it can truly become the master of its own planet, no longer afraid of the forces of nature, but use it for its own purposes.

5e2089a2bf005be40649942917677039At present, human beings are still far from Type I civilization. The resources we use are mainly confined to the surface fossil energy, and the deeper core energy cannot be touched at all.

The standard for a Type II civilization extends the energy available to a civilization from its own planet to the entire star system, meaning that humans can use resources anywhere in the solar system, including the sun, and can travel around the entire solar system with ease.

As for Type III civilizations, by analogy, they could already enjoy the resources of the entire galaxy, reaching any part of the galaxy as easily as they would on Earth.

However, Kardashev's civilization hierarchy theory still has some defects. He did not mention the energy outside the galaxy or even the whole universe. According to Kardashev's theoretical basis, later generations have made more detailed supplements and improvements to the civilization hierarchy, adding Type IV civilization and Type V civilization.

A Type IV civilization would be able to make the leap between galaxies. Similarly for humans, we can reach the Andromeda galaxy, which is 2.54 million light years away from Earth, as easily as we can reach our neighboring cities on Earth. Interstellar navigation and interstellar tourism will be pushed into commercial and even daily life.

According to the current system of science, the observable universe spans about 93 billion light years, which is where level IV civilizations live.

Level IV civilization is already so powerful that it is not an exaggeration to say that it has the entire universe, so what kind of form will Level V civilization exist?

To reach level V civilization, which is already a godlike existence, they can discover more parallel universes or multiuniverses and travel between them.

When they reach Type IV or even Type V civilization, the distance between the universe and galaxies is no longer far away for them. The universe is like a global village today, and tens or even hundreds of light years are like kilometers, which can be crossed at will. To achieve such a voyage, the shackles of light speed must be broken.

The first way is, maybe we can break Einstein's mass-energy equation in the future and fly directly above the speed of light, but if we do that, the physics edifice will collapse again.

The second way is to use wormholes. In the famous science fiction movie Interstellar, the protagonist used wormholes to achieve a span of thousands of light years in an instant, through which human beings can reach the other end of the universe in an instant.

When we reach the V-shaped civilization and can travel anywhere in the universe, the body has become a prison. Perhaps the concept of life span no longer exists at that time, and the mind can be transformed into an energy that will not disappear and will exist in the universe forever.

According to the standard of civilization classification, humans have not even touched the Type I civilization, only 0.728. It will take at least 200 to 500 years to reach the Type I civilization, and from the Type I civilization to the Type II civilization, it will take 2000 to 3000 years.

The higher the level of civilization, to upgrade the time needed for the rising exponentially, from type II to III time about 100000 years, although it seems very far away, we in this life may also not see to type I civilization, but the children and grandchildren continue endless, passed down generations, humans will be standing on the top of the universe.

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