wholesale jewelry trade shows 2022 How to set the floating point on the desktop

wholesale jewelry trade shows 2022

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  1. temple jewelry wholesale The suspended ball is also called auxiliary touch, small white dots, small circles, and virtual home bonds.
    2. Sliding the screen in the settings page, click the auxiliary function.
    3. Then slide down the screen and click the touch option.
    4. Then find and click the auxiliary touch option.
    5. Finally, slide the button on the right side of the auxiliary touch to the green state.

    The expansion information:
    The tips to extend the battery life of iPhone mobile phone:
    1. Develop good charging habits
    If the power is too low, it will cause automatic shutdown.

    2. Upgrade to the latest version of iOS14
    Per Apple adds a function called "Optimized Battery Charging" in iOS 14 Use and charging habits to make the charging process more balanced, thereby slowing the aging of the battery, and to a certain extent to improve the iPhone's battery life.

    The View method: "Optimized battery charging" function can be viewed in settings-battery-battery health ~

    3. Prohibition of background applications refresh The application can use battery life when running in the background. You can see how much time the application runs in the background. If an application consumes too much electricity when it is not used, the background application can be disabled to refresh to prevent it from running in the background. If the application consumes too much power, we can also choose to uninstall it!

    4. Enable the low volume mode
    ios 9 to add the "Low Power Mode" function to make the phone more power -on. After enabling the low -volume mode, your screen becomes slightly darker, limiting the background process to make the processor slightly slower, or reduce the energy required for the device during normal use.

    If operation method: The easiest way to enable this function is to slide down from the upper right corner of the iPhone, and then the battery icon can be. Or you can use low -power mode in setting> battery> low -power mode.

    5. Turn off some app push

    Neized, some push notifications, application notifications, notifications read for emails, etc. All of these will shorten the battery life, so If you want the iPhone mobile phone battery life longer, it is best to turn it off. You can edit each application in "Settings" and close the notification.

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