wholesale georgia bulldog jewelry What currency is ET? What is the value?

wholesale georgia bulldog jewelry What currency is ET? What is the value?

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  1. semi precious stone jewelry wholesale india I. ET
    exx Token (hereinafter referred to as ET) is a cryptocurrency or a digital asset. Today's EXX Token (ET) price is $ 0.050534, and the 24 -hour transaction volume is 3,570, $ 923. The price has risen by 30.4%in the past 24 hours. It ranks 3669 among all cryptocurrencies, and the daily transaction value is 3,049,225 US dollars. It has a circular supply of 0 coins and a maximum supply of 1 billion coins. The most active exchange of trading EXX token is EXX. View the address and transaction record of EXX token on the block explorator.

    . Expanded information

    et (exx token) is a token issued by the EXX trading platform, and it is also the certificate of equity of the EXX trading platform itself. It is the only global token. The issuance of ET is gradually released based on the principle of "transaction is mining" (viewing the mining principle) (viewing the explanation of circulation volume). The upper limit is 10 billion, and it will never increase. As a representative of the platform's rights, the platform will allocate 80%of the income to the holder of ET (viewing the income distribution details). At the same time, ET holders also have the right to participate in major decision -making and community management.
    exx is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient, and transparent digital asset trading platform, allowing traders and investors to conduct any size transactions without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform, or their orders. The integrity and stability of the management system. But EXX is not a traditional company, it takes a key step in the evolution of the digital asset trading platform to the community. The EXX community is an open and transparent organization. Each ET (Exx Token) holders have the right to participate in community activities such as business decisions and team elections in the community. EXX is a community -based organization owned, co -governed, and shared all ET holders.

    The highlights of the blockchain industry will not forget the blockchain industry. There are also hopes brought by the blockchain to the global trust mechanism, and the beautiful vision of redefining the world. Because of this, we have worked hard to create an EXX blockchain asset trading platform based on the profound understanding of the blockchain revolution and the goal of making key contributions to the global blockchain business.
    In EXX, 100%of users will get 100%handling fees in the form of EXX token through trading mining. More specially, users who hold EXX token can also get platform income distribution within the scope of the rules. Not only this, EXX users have the major transaction decision -making power of equality with the EXX team, and put their rights into the hands of users to achieve the effect of community co -governance.

    tken, as a certificate of encrypted digital equity, will become the basic element of the future digital economy era. ET, as the representative of the EXX community equity, is the cornerstone of the EXX community governance. What is the income of the revenue distribution? The income of the EXX trading platform will be assigned to the ET holder according to a fixed proportion. The distribution ratio is: 80%assigned to ET holders, and 20%are used for EXX development and operation. The EXX community allows ET holders to participate in business decisions by launching smart contract voting. The scope of business decisions includes handling fees, trading categories, etc. EXX Community Committee members regularly change. ET holders can participate in the election of members of the committee, or supervise the transparency of the platform and the due diligence of the committee members.

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