taiwan jewelry wholesale Where can there be a flower wholesale market in Guangzhou

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  1. wholesale jewelry supply co reviews Guangzhou Huangsha Simulation Flower Market Address: [Guangdong Province. Guangzhou] No. 185 Huangsha Avenue
    Tel: (020) 81729488 Lingnan Flower Market, Fang Village, Guangzhou City: Shi Liwan District Fulaer Flower City Address: Zhongling South
    Tel: (020) 85845341 South District Flower Market Address: Qiaonan Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Nanxing Road and Qiaonan Road Road 100 meters Lingnan Flower Market North Gate Address: Lingnan Flower Market in Liwan District, Guangzhou City Address: Liwan District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
    Tel: (020) 81530866 Flower Market Ximen-Bus Station Bus: Huadu 10 Gaoyao City Hongyu Direct Sales Department of the Southern Flower Market of Peat Land Farm Address: 128 files in the Huadu South Flower Market, Guangzhou
    Tel: (020) 88441362

  2. liquid jewelry cleaner wholesale prices Both the flower and bird fish market and the southern flower market .....
    The flower and bird market is on Flower Diwan Subway Station on Fangcun Flower Dalai Avenue. .. Metro Line 5 Cellar Pass Station ...

  3. jewelry making supplies wholesale india Pay content for time limit to check for freenOf course, the largest flower market is the Lingnan Flower Market Lingnan Flower Market is located in Wuxi Bridge Village, Fangcun District, Guangzhou, Guangzhou. (Near the Guangzhou Volkswagen Dog Farm) The market in the north of the Zhujiang Bridge of the Avenue of the Avenue of Fangcun Village in the north, the Guangzhou Flower Research Center in the east, and the West Tibetan Guangzhan Railway. It is only 25 minutes away from Baiyun Airport. The largest and most functional flower comprehensive market in the country and even Asia.nHope my answer can help you

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