loc jewelry wholesale The bag brand starting from S

loc jewelry wholesale I remember it was composed of two English words. The color of the bag is relatively fresh ~ What is SA what?

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  1. chelsea collette collection jewelry wholesale Samantha Thavasa, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stussy, Shachi, Swissgear, Sabrina SCALA, Simpson London London, etc. Thavasa, known as Japanese Chanel. Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1996. The brand's style is based on cute and sweet, but it also has the practicality of work available. There is almost a bag of young Japanese women.
    2, Ferragamo is the Italian Women's Shoes Kingdom, which was born in 1927. Creativity, passion, and toughness are the values ​​of the Ferragamo family's long -lasting values ​​and passed down from generation to generation.
    Today, Salvatore Ferragamo is one of the world's top designers of leather shoes, leather products, accessories, clothing and fragrance. The style is rich and elegant, with a practicality and style, and it is full of traditional manual design and styles.
    3, from the United Kingdom in 1997, the famous leather director Robert Simpson established a studio of the same name -Simpson London to specialize in the production of luxury leather goods products. Robert focuses on product craftsmanship and starts from the details, giving the product elegant and distinguished unique significance. The symbol of gentlemen and successful Simpson London became the first choice for business elites.
    4, Satchi
    Shachi landed on the Chinese mainland market, and expanded rapidly with its excellent quality, opened brand counters in more than 400 top shopping malls across the country; Experience.
    5, Swissgear
    swissgear is a product series name of the Wenger brand. Its symbol is a cross in the middle of the square. In addition to the saber, Wenger also has watches and backpacks.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Baike-Samantha Sausa
    Simpson London official website-brand

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