brown jewelry boxes wholesale What does it mean to reply Doge's emoji in QQ?

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  1. wholesale gold filled jewelry manufacturers This means "I look at you quietly".
    The expression is adapted from the annoying dog Doge, doge (generally read/doʊʤ/or/doʊg/, Japanese text: ド ー ゲ), also known as "God troubled dog" and "kabosu sauce". The prototype is a Japanese mother Shiba Inu called Kabosu.
    official definition: Doge; actual meaning: mental pollution, I am the most embarrassing.
    When you turn a funny dynamic picture, add an expression to let everyone see it. It is very funny. Despise the meaning of human IQ.
    Extended information:
    The Shiba Inu picture that was originally dumb was changed into various characters, and after adding strange words such as "Wow" and "XX", Its irrational style is popular in the global network circle and is named exclusively. The S -language of the term "DOGE" (English word "DOG") has been rated as an annual cultural phenomenon by TV stations such as NBC, and even virtual currencies represented by symbols have appeared.
    DOGE originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, dogs are called "DOGE". In April 2013, the governor appeared on 4Chan (comic community) and was very popular. Coupled with the prank of netizens, he made fun of the Americans' laughter and was named "Doggie" (meaning: Doggie).
    The matching Shiba Inu's face with any character or object is very good. Since then, Kabosu has been called annoying dogs by netizens. Because its deceitful images are spreading on the Internet, it is very serious, so that netizens will have the illusion of governor when they see other characters and things. Therefore, Doge has a Chinese name-mental pollution dog.

  2. statement jewelry wholesale china The most common meaning of DOGE is synonymous with intentionally joking, unhappy and hum. Under normal circumstances, when someone sends a DOGE expression to you, you have to pay attention to whether your previous words and deeds hurt him.

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